Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review of Gleick book mentions El Naschie

Mortada's blog has a review of the Arabic edition of James Gleick's book about chaos. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

He says in passing

ملاحظة: قبل سنين قرأت في أحد أعداد مجلة العربي عن عالم مصري اسمه محمد النشائي و إن لم أكن مخطئاً فقد قرأت أنه من أحد أبرز العلماء في هذه النظرية أو العلم ،،و لهذا العالم قصة طريفة و جميلة و معبرة جداً سأفرد لها موضوع انشاء الله

or in English

Years ago I read in Al-Arabi magazine about the Egyptian scientist named Mohamed El Naschie and if I am not mistaken I read that he is one of the most prominent scientists in the theory or science [of chaos], and this scientist told a funny story and beautiful and very expressive Saferd [?] a theme, God willing

Mortada thought the book was better suited to scientists than to ordinary readers, rated it 4/10, and found it impossible to finish.

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  1. Someone should complain to Gleick who failed to mention the Great Man "founded the science
    that the journal [Chaos Solitons and Fractals] focuses on and leads that science and everyone knows that he is the top person in the world in that science". LOL

  2. Perhaps El Naschie should sue him.

  3. Mortada is browsing here, having found us in his visitors log. Welcome!

  4. There is nothing superhuman about the contents of this book?! What a horribly inaccurate review.

    Gleick expertly dumbed down an already relatively easy genre of mathematics. Like, so easy that I even understand it with confidence enough to continue exploring on my own, and I'm a total noob.

    This is worse than climate change scaremongering.

  5. take a look on my response >

    and thank for your efforts :)

  6. Thanks, Mortada! I have responded on your blog.