Thursday, July 14, 2011

TJNSA dumps Gerardo Iovane

He's the third Brotherhood member to be jettisoned by this journal.

A reader makes this comment:

Apparently G.I. already got (some years ago) the same type of national funding. Googling a bit, a "CASHMA" FIRB (2005) project has been financed for years 2007-2010.

On the site one can find, under the same acronym "CASHMA - Context Aware Security by Hierarchical Multilevel Architectures", a kind of shady 8.4M€ research project, without any reference to scientists involved.

When the man with a 45 meets the man with a rifle, the man with a pistol will be a dead man. That's an old Mexican Proverb... The G.I. man probably is very good at selling and getting money. From what I read here he has good old friends with 45, rifles, mortars and artillery, which helps a lot if you sell "security".

I ran the PDF through Google Translate, colored interesting parts green, and inserted some remarks in red. As always, the machine translation is poor but understandable. Here is the result:

Among the various research projects he is responsible for national FIRB project, called "Cashmere" on new systems and methodologies for security whose partners include the National Research Council (IMAT) in Pavia, the National Research Council (IAC) in Rome and the multinational ATOS ORIGIN (now In addition, the Prof. Iovane coordinates a research group on issues of mathematical simulation and graphics applied to areas of science and defense. Since July 2005 Expert National Scientific NATO (Research and Technology Agency) appointed to NATO Modelling & Simulation Group (NMSG) as the Italian representative in the panel ET 18 "Exploiting Commercial Games & business model requirements definition" and ET panel 19 "NATO HLA Working Group", currently transformed into TG50 and 51. He is also Project Manager and Scientific Coordinator of the initiative for the security the General Command of the Carabinieri, Department III - MS - Armament and Equipment Special. And Scientific Director of the Commander of the State of C4D Chiefs of Staff. And member dell'OSN (National Observatory for Safety with headquarters to CeMiSS). And Member of the Scientific Committee of the C.e.A.S. (Centre for Advanced Studies the fight against terrorism and political violence), the CSSI (University Centre of Studies Strategic and International), University of Florence, ISPRA (Institute for Studies Forecasting and Research International), the CERPRE (Centre européen pour les de recherches forecasts), Geneva, Switzerland. In the academic year 2006-2007 he attended the 6th Special Session of the Institute High Defence Studies (IASD), and, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, was entrusted the position of director of research from CeMiSS (Military Centre for Strategic Studies) on topics strategic national interest. Also, scientists at the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MUR) on the topics of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Medical Imaging and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MiPAF). He's the author of over 200 scientific papers, including books, essays, articles and contributions to conferences national and international. Under Security is the author of the monograph "Methods Mathematicians and Innovative Technologies for the Prevention and Prevention of Terrorism" 2007, of the book "Evolution of the concepts of application systems & Modelling Simulation (M & S) and distributed architectures aimed at the possible synergistic use Resources in the national and European allies "and the monograph on the war and cyber defense "cyberwarfare, and Cyberspace: conceptual, and implementation phases the national scene and to the military." A special role in its research is also covered by the study of special materials and innovative materials, with specific reference to materials, porous microstructure. Section heads Strategic Energy Observatory Militare. He's on the editorial board of the relevant international journals and as editor in chief, who as editor for Europe of associate editor, such as: 1. Editor for Europe of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, published by Elsevier [J.-H. He master list number 0. Iovane was fired with the rest of the editorial board], 2. Associated Editor of International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC) 3. Associated Editor of New Advance in Physics 4. Editor in Chief of the International Review Mathematical Methods, Physical Models and Simulations in Science & Technology of the General Research Publications. 5. Editor in Chief of Transaction on Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Models of Research Scientific Press; 6. Associated Scientific Editor of International Journal Optoelectronic Information-Power Technologies; 7. Associated Editor ICIC Express Letters (An International Journal of Research and Surveys), 8. Associated Editor of the Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications (JNAA) [J.-H. He master list number 47. JNAA is defunct] 9. Associated Editor of International Journal of E-Infinity and Complexity Theory in High Energy Physics & Engineering [I am not convinced this journal (JECTHEPE) has ever published a single issue. See El Naschie's recent reprint is a fake], 10. Associated Editor of The Journal of Nonlinear Science and Its Application (TJNSA) [J.-H. He master list number 35]. Also, scientists at the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MUR) on issues Methods of Mathematical and Information Technologies for Diagnostics Medical and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MiPAF).

He won the following awards and was awarded the following honors:
  • Leonardo's Special Award for Scientific Research, 2010.
  • Diplomatic Correspondent for International Relations - Malta, from 2010; Honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, 2009;
  • Assignment of Certificate of Merit and Medal of Valor Award at the IV International Sciacca for Culture, 2005;
  • Winner (2 nd prize) Award "Best Applications of Measurement and Automation for 2002-2003 in Europe ", sponsored by National Instruments to develop an automatic system for image analysis in science;
  • Winner (1 st place) Award "Best Applications of Measurement and Automation for 2001-2002 in Europe ", sponsored by National Instruments to develop an automatic system for analyzing data and images in science.

He has collaborated with various universities, research centers and Italian Manufacturers. Collaboration between the International play a greater role with Russia, England, Germany, France, Ukraine, Romania. And Scientific Director of IRIS Technologies Ltd, the EnergyStar Srl, Teasis Ltd. He has been invited to countless conferences and seminars and has received a number of interviews especially on regional television and national security issues and technologies enablers. In 2008 the Chamber of Deputies and in 2009 the first NATO (ARW) on Prof. Iovane reported on his discovery on the sequence of prime numbers [A complete load of bollocks, as reviewed in Report on Brotherhood member Gerardo Iovane] and determinism with related algorithms and their impact on encryption, encoding and transmission information network.

CASHMA sounds completely bogus to me. A waste of 8.4M€.

While visiting the TJNSA website, I noticed a significant change. Iovane had previously been listed as an Editorial Board member. The list has been updated and given a slightly different URL ( We had already learned on August 10, 2010 that Ji-Huan He and M.S. El Naschie were fired as a result of our efforts. But today I am delighted to see that Gerardo Iovane also has been deep-sixed! Exactly when that happened I don't know.

Crackpot B.G. Sidharth and E-infinity group member L. Marek-Crnjac remain ensconced on the board.

Posts about E-infinity group member Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. #3 New Advances in Physics

    - a "Serial Publications" journal
    - B.G. SIDHARTH is among the editors!
    - M.S. El Naschie is on the Editorial Board
    - Prof. W. Greiner is also on the Editorial Board (I wonder if he knows that)

    #4 Mathematical Methods, Physical Models and Simulations in Science & Technology

    - an "indianajournals" journal
    - webpage unavailable

    #5 Transaction on Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Models

    - an "indianajournals" journal
    - webpage unavailable

    #6 International Journal Optoelectronic Information-Power Technologies

    - an Ukrainian journal

    #7 Express Letters
    An International Journal of Research and Surveys

    - started in 2007
    - published by Tokai University, Kumamoto Campus, Japan

  2. Wow, so we have the beginnings of an Iovane master list. But his case is less clear-cut than those of El Naschie and He. Like them he is an incompetent crackpot, but he's not so flagrantly dishonest. We don't have a Douglas Arnold paper to cite in a letter of introduction.

  3. I agree. Furthermore, the journals to which he's connected are rather obscure and some of them apparently ceased to exist.

  4. "a "Serial Publications" journal"...pretty hilarious name because "serial publication" is often a derogatory term used to described incremental work of no general significance.

  5. In fact, Anonymous, there's a typo in my post: the correct name of the publisher is "Serials Publications". Anyway, this publisher is well known to us as Ji-Huan He is/was editor in a couple of its journals.