Monday, August 22, 2011

El Naschie comically hyped on Facebook

The Facebook page of Saba7ON promoted the recent videos of El Naschie.

Regarding the shorter of the two videos, in which they go through newspaper clippings with the great man, we are invited to

learn how scientists read the newspapers.

How would El Naschie know that?

The promo for the longer video says

The Chinese Minister of Education said Dr. El Naschie is the most important figure in the twenty-first century. He is also one of the most prominent blessed scholars. He preferred to watch the revolution from afar rather than...

Rather than what? We don't know. But since the Egyptian revolution El Naschie's symptoms of Waldheimer's disease have become acute.

The Chinese Minister of Education is Yuan Guiren. He is unlikely ever to have heard of the great man.

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