Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Al Ahram, an hilarious attack on Ahmed Zewail

The main story out of Egypt right now of course is the dramatic trial of Hosni Mubarak and his sons, but this blog is All El Naschie All the Time. So I hope you enjoy the following excerpt from a bizarre Al Ahram story which you can read in full in the original Arabic or in Google's English translation. The funniest excerpt is shown below with interesting parts in green and my inline comments in red:

ـ ما رأيك فى المدينة العلمية لزويل وهل هى لتصدير العقول المصرية وربطها بالمشروع الصهيونى؟
أنا كنت أحلم بالدكتور أحمد زويل عندما قرأت مقالا عنه فى كتاب اللغة الإنجليزية فى المرحلة الابتدائية، وكنت أحلم باليوم الذى يأتى فيه لمصر لينتقى العلماء ويثقفهم ويحدث نهضة حقيقية، وأتذكر أيضا الليلة التى كرم فيها الدكتور زويل بجائزة نوبل إلا أننى أتفاجأ بأن الدكتور زويل عندما جاء إلى مصر قام بعقد مؤتمر فى الأوبرا وقام بتكريم مغنية ومنحها مكافأة، ولم يكرم الأطفال المخترعين وعلماء مصر، ثم جاء الدكتور زويل بمشروعه المدينة العلمية، وتلك الجامعة الخاصة التى لا تختلف كثيرا عن الجامعات الخاصة فى مصر التى تقبل للدراسة بها بالدولار للطلاب الأجانب وبالجنيه المصرى للطلاب المصريين والمتميزين فقط من الطلاب، ولذلك فأنا أطرح نفس السؤال الذى طرحه الدكتور محمد النشائى على الدكتور زويل وأبحث عن إجابته حتى الآن لماذا وافق الدكتور عصام شرف على إقامة المدينة العلمية لأحمد زويل؟
ـ هل أنت ضد هذه المدينة؟
أنا ضد تسميتها مدينة لأنها هى مجرد جامعة وأنا ضد هذا الفكر لأننا ننتظر من الدكتور زويل أكثر من ذلك. وهل يعقل أننا ننتظر من الدكتور زويل تصدير العقول المصرية للخارج بل دعمها وتطويرها وإذا كان هذا الدعم فلماذا لم يتحدث الدكتور زويل عن العالم الذى دخل القاعة فى المؤتمر وخاطبه بإمكانية تشغيل سيارته بالمياه؟ فى وقت يفتقر فيه للبترول ولماذا لم يعط هذا الموضوع أى اهتمام؟ ولذلك نريد أن نسأل الدكتور زويل ما الكيفية والطريقة التى من خلالها نربى الأجيال؟ وإلى أين يربى النشء؟ وهى أسئلة لم يجيب عنها الدكتور زويل وهى تضع مخاوف وتجعلنا نسأل دائما إلى أين؟

Or in English:

What do you think the city's scientific Zewail is it to export Egyptian minds and linked to the Zionist project?
I dream of Dr. Ahmed Zewail, when I read an article in the Book of English in the primary stage, and I dream of the day comes where to Egypt to selected scientists and educate them and happen real progress, and I also remember the night by the generosity of the Dr. Zewail, the Nobel Prize but I am surprised that Dr. Zewail when it came Egypt has held a conference in opera [the Cairo Opera House], has honored the singer and give them a reward, and did not honor the children inventors, scientists, Egypt, and then came Dr. Zewail his project city, scientific, and that the private university that does not differ much from private universities in Egypt, which is accepted for study by the U.S. dollar for foreign students and pound for students the Egyptians and the only outstanding students, so [Here the interviewee is about to echo a question asked by "the Einstein of Egypt".] I ask the same question posed by Dr. Mohamed El Naschie on Dr. Zewail and looking for his answers so far and why, Dr. Essam Sharaf agreed to establish a scientific city of Ahmed Zewail?
Are you against this city?
I am against the name of the city [The interviewee is criticizing a well-publicized plan to name a scientific development project after Nobel Laureate in chemistry Ahmed Zewail.] it is just the University and I am against this thought because we are waiting from Dr. Zewail more. Is it conceivable that we expect from Dr. Zewail, the Egyptian export brains out, but to support, develop and if this support, [Here comes the funny part! Wait for it...] why did Dr. Zewail not talk to the scientist who entered the conference hall and spoke to him of the possibility of running his car with water? At a time when there's a lack of oil, why not give this subject any attention? Therefore we want to ask Dr. Zewail is how and the way in which we educate future generations? And where young people are raised? It questions not answered by Dr. Zewail which put the fears and make us always to ask where?

HAHAHAHA OMG you can't make this stuff up. The Nobel Prize winner in chemistry gave short shrift to a crackpot with an idea for running his car on water instead of gasoline! Oh noooooes! ROTFLMAO

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  1. The aliens in Battle Los Angeles ran their spaceships on water. There's no excuse for these lazy scientists to not look into this promising technology. Tsk tsk.

    Today was a good day. All Mubarak, all the time. I'm very grateful that he hasn't died yet.

  2. I'm grateful too, Shawn! The old dictator may amuse us a while longer. The lack of respect he's getting in the Egyptian media is amazing. I saw a picture of him in his courtroom bed picking his nose. Most of his index finger was up there.

    His supporters and detractors have been throwing stones and bottles at each other. El Naschie must have beaten himself black and blue.

  3. Hi Jason,
    Have you seen this

  4. Hi Zahy, Yes, in fact I put that on Scribd myself. :) I'm sorry I've had no posts for a few days! I can't find any El Naschie news at all.

  5. For wading through the big gooseberry season/the silly season[which one do the Americans use? :)]:

    Nice social graph for Iovane (the Great Man has an entry also, but with no connections):

    (If you click on Saverio Salerno, you find out that Iovane was his student from 2004 to 2005.)

    On-line pedagogical assessment for Iovane:

    (Only an average of 2.1 out of 5 points. Ouch!)

  6. I have never heard of big gooseberry or silly season.

  7. Both are indeed old English phrases:

    The Slovenian equivalent is: "čas kislih kumaric" [direct translation: the season of sour gherkins]. There are also two other equivalent translations in the Slovenian-English dictionary: slack time, dead season. Maybe those two fit American speakers better.

  8. Thanks Shrink, you have enriched my vocabulary.

    Well, I hope it's only a big gooseberry season and not a permanent retirement of El Naschie from public life.