Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rössler not answering simple question

In CERN’s Last Media Gag: The Korean Two Fingers Gang, PassingByAgain on July 29, 2011 2:52 pm asked

Rossler: I am quite puzzled by your open refusal to answer a simple and well-defined question about your 1998 diagram:

Allow me to repeat myself here: YOU introduced the diagram in the discussion many posts ago, and repeatedly tried to post a useless google link to it. YOU claimed that this diagram explains how you go from Einstein’s eq.(30a) to the seemingly contradictory eq.(1) of Telemach. YOU even tried to give me a “picture in words” for it (remember? “draw an M and a W, you get XXX, no wait it’s XXXX…”). Now, thanks to TRMG’s kind effort, we can finally see the diagram and try to understand what (if anything) it proves.

I am asking you a question with a specific, well-defined physical meaning:

What are THE UNITS on the time axes t1 and t2? Are the axes showing local proper time or not? If not, what are they showing?

Is there any reason in the world why you should refuse to answer? Perhaps in the meantime you realized that the diagram is incorrect?

Rössler still has not answered.

He has, however, written two new posts:

August 20, 2011. Which Country’s Veto in Security Council Enables the Current Planetary Suicide Attempt?

Germany refused the scientific safety conference asked-for by a Cologne court seven months ago. Now a country with veto power blocks the initiative put before the United Nations Security Council to impose a double-check before it is too late.

The fact that Germany still refuses to take back having declared the scientist now responsible for the warning insane 15 years ago for having withstood police in his lecture hall for months in a row after revealing a new obedience law without knowing it was a secret, may contribute to the lacking world response. I therefore repeat my request for an apology from the part of Germany and for an answer why she illogically refused the safety conference.

Please, dear citizens of the planet: do not let traditional European obedience kill you and your families and unborn descendants. Black holes are not a joke but the worst danger of history. German-led CERN continues its attempt at producing them even though it knows that its machines cannot detect them.
Why refuse having a look at an un-disproved danger? I count on your love, mothers and fathers of all countries: ask the same question.

August 19, 2011. The Planet-Saving Implications of Einstein’s “Happiest Thought”

He always called it so. That in free fall after jumping out of the window (he was feeling sick at the moment) you do not feel the weight of a heavy stomach. The laws of nature then are the same as those valid in free outer space – those of special relativity.

The long overlooked consequence: gravity reduces rest mass energy and charge and increases size along with the clock period T focused on by Einstein. His T-change in gravity is accompanied by an L-, M- and Ch-change (Telemach theorem). Very simple but planet-saving. For it totally alters the properties of black holes. They arise more easily, do not Hawking evaporate, cannot be detected if produced at CERN, and grow exponentially inside earth.

The risk of the planet being shrunk to a 2-cm black hole in a few years’ time is currently being raised at CERN every day by 1/30 of the calculated final risk of 3 percent reached by the end of October. No scientist contradicts this accusation openly.

It is so easy: Interrupt and wait until the vitally needed counterproof has been found. No one will be happier than me and the mothers of the planet. Please, allow them to know about the situation.

So far these latest posts from Otto have attracted no reader comments at all.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. - On May 28th Rössler came up with his "Telemach" crackpottery again:

    - One day later, on May 29th, 2011 3:13 "TRMG"

    provided a refutation of Rössler's "Theorem":
    "[...]The problem here is, that your Eq. (1) is false. If the clock at the bottom “fails to be as old” as the clock at the top, as you write in the text, then

    (1+z)T_tail = T_tip,

    not the other way round, since 1+z > 1[...]"

    Issue settled, file closed?

    Not really...

    In Germany we had already experienced the "entropy" of Rösslerian bullshit - whenever there's a refutation provided, he either
    - all of a sudden "forgets" to reply or what was said
    - or tries to "rework" the meaning of the observables he used in his ...well... "equations"

    So e.g. "Time"[s] all of sudden becomes "Frequency"[1/s] or "temporal wavelength" [???wtf...???]...

    Later, in the Blog mentioned in the teaser, Rössler came up with
    - a "proves-it-all" diagram (as reproduced in the teaser above)
    - a "proves-it-all" "bijection" related to that mysterious diagram

    Now pls kindly attend the posts of:
    - me, "Solkar" on July 28, 2011 12:02 pm
    ("And, coming to your “proves-it-all” diagram[...]")

    - and Otto E. Rossler on July 28, 2011 1:16 pm
    "Fresh quote from Solkar above: “Thus 1 second at the bottom ‘maps to’ several seconds at the top – thus contradicting your eq(1) in the most direct of manner.”

    I do hope that everyone is agreeing with the first part of this quote from “Solkar” because this is exactly the meaning of Eq.(1) of my paper, as reproduced above.

    But I do also hope that everyone is contradicting the second part of his quoted statement."

    Despite any entropy Rössler tried to work into that discussion, Rössler himself rendered TRMG's refutation valid by his 2nd paragraph.

    Of course, Rössler would never acknowledge his "lapse", but anyway:

    Issue settled, file closed. Period.

  2. Excellent, Solkar. I took the liberty of enabling your links.