Monday, August 15, 2011

An update on Otto E. Rössler

We last checked up on old Otto on July 10 in Rössler-El Naschie connection is taboo subject. Here's the latest from RelativKritisch and Lifeboat Foundation.


Redaktion has a post reviewing a new science exhibit at a museum in Linz. Original German Ars Electronica und CERN – „origin | wie alles beginnt“ or Google's English translation Ars Electronica and CERN - the "origin | how it all begins". He mentions the connection between Rössler, Peter Weibel, Hans Diebner and Mohamed El Naschie and shows photos of them together. Weibel, Rössler and Garnet Ord were the editors of El Naschie's 60th Birthday Book.

Lifeboat Foundation

Rössler has been cranking out crackpot posts at a respectable rate, with nine new ones since we last checked:

August 15, 2011. Thankyou, UN Security Council, for Having Taken the Responsibility: Now, Please Act Today. There are four comments. What is most interesting about this post is an off-topic remark by commenter PassingByAgain, who says

BTW, what happened to the blog post that appeared for a while on top of this one? A version cached by google can be found here:

The Web cache may empty at any time, but the reason for the deletion is obvious -- the author encourages Lifeboat Foundation readers not to contribute money! Author Steve Nerlich writes

Although I am a member of the Board (and there are quite a lot of us apparently), I receive no information, nor have any control over, how funds donated to this Foundation are spent. For this reason, I have never donated a cent – nor would I encourage anyone else to do so.


August 7, 2011. The German Bomb at Last. With twelve comments. Rössler says

Please, dear Israel: give the warnings of an unworthy son the benefit of the doubt. I hope it is not too late.

still pretending to be Jewish apparently.

July 30, 2011. Black Holes Are Different – A Report Made to the UN Security Council. A long post with 13 references and 110 reader comments.

July 22, 2011. The UN Security Council Does Not Want Its Agenda to Be Known Beforehand.... Rössler wants the UN Security Council to invite him for a question and answer session. With 16 comments.

July 21, 2011. I Offer Rupert Murdoch a Comeback of His Empire … "… if he singlehandedly breaks the world-wide press curfew surrounding the fact that CERN continues with a potentially earth-jeopardizing experiment despite the official request by a court last January to first allow for a scientific safety conference", Rössler offers. With 51 comments.

July 19, 2011. CERN’s Last Media Gag: The Korean Two Fingers Gang. He says "Since CERN cannot muster a single scientific argument or a single renowned scientist to defend its use of force" and so on. With 281 comments!

July 17, 2011. PUBLIC LETTER. Otto asks the German Bundestag and the UN Security Council why they're not listening to him. With five comments.

July 15, 2011. CERN’s Continued Belief in Hawking Radiation Main Reason for Its Use of Force. Otto repeats his claim to have disproved the existence of Hawking radiation which causes small black holes to evaporate quickly. With 36 comments.

July 12, 2011. Can the World Live with the Logic of CERN? Rössler invokes Pascal to criticize CERN. With 30 comments.

I am impressed at how adeptly Rössler has carved himself a niche at Lifeboat Foundation. The other contributors at that site, many of whom have been there for a long time, do not attract anything like as many comments. (The comments Otto gets are largely negative, but there's no pleasing everyone.)

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. I bet that some people on are happy about this Rossler update. You should check the site out Jason, you'd probably like it... heh :)

  2. Just to illustrate the "consistency" of the recent Telemach "finding" of Prof. Rössler:

    Let ℜ be someone baking an apple pie with 10 apples but claiming he just required 1/10 th apple.

    NOT kidding!

    That's the basic "concept" of his equation number... well...make a reasonable guess!

    Was "1" your guess? You got it!

    That's the misconception behind the very first equation on the Telemach ...well... "paper". Quod erat expectandum.

    It's needless mentioning that that (invalidating) inconsistency has been pointed at that blog over and over and over again.
    And again and again...

  3. Shawn, I never knew what you meant when you referred to in the past, but I see there is some discussion about Rössler on that site. If I had to guess, I'd say "taby" is you. :)

    The business about equation number 1 that Solkar mentions can be found in the comments of the July 19 post. It's very funny seeing how Rössler avoids answering simple questions about a diagram he himself drew. The thread is a good read.

  4. A small addendum:

    Navigating through the comment pages at lifeboat is somewhat tricky;

    given e.g. the current (as of today) page of the aforementioned July 19th blog



    with N = 1,2,3...

    leads to previous pages.

    E.g. the recent top page in could also be mapped to

  5. I think Lifeboat's ham handed censorship of Steve Nerlich's remarks (about not giving money to Lifeboat Foundation), along with Rossler's takeover of the site...spell the end of the credibility of the Lifeboat Foundation.

    Mr. Nerlich was right -- they don't deserve a red cent of my hard stolen money.

  6. Yeah. I see that Steve Nerlich's post has been reinstated, minus his suggestion to not donate.

  7. And it's just amazing how Herr Doctor of Dilettantry Otto Rossler avoids any specific answers or hard numbers...someone asked him about how Giddings and Mangano's estimates of White Dwarf accretion rates would be modified by Telemach's prediction of effectively larger black hole accretion cross sections, and also about the effect of Telemach's charge suppression in gravity fields would affect the X-ray spectra of heavy atomic nuclei...(if at all - might be too small to detect).

    And Rossler's answer? Just ignored it. Didn't even try to say no effect. And he started a thread about the UN...

    Amazing! My four year old daughter is a better scientist than Mr. Rustler. At least she answers reasonable questions.

  8. The August 16, 2011 5:26 PM post of Anonymous touches an important point.

    Children are curious by nature; thus they learn very fast.

    I think that typical physics crackpots lack the most important trait of scientists - that's not calculus or algebra but sheer, honest, natural curiosity - wanting to "dig" into a subject down to the bottom.

    "TALKING BIIIIG" about "Einstein, Feynman, Schrödinger et al." and longing for applause is not a substitute for the curiosity which e.g. made Einstein "breed" (his phrase) his theories until they hit the point.

    It's somewhat strange that people, without this "gift of curiosity" left, choose physics as the subject of their crackpottery.

  9. Excuse me, I teach math in "Vincenzo Cuoco" school of Naples. I explain, to students who must graduate,elements of fractal theory.I also mentioned the Rossler attractor.Rossler is not a real scientist? Could I have clarification? I would not make a bad impression with the students.Thanks for your attention.

  10. Hi teacher, thank you for your question. The Rössler attractor is a legitimate piece of work by him, but unfortunately he became a crackpot later on. Exactly when his crackpottery began is something that has been discussed on this blog. These days he's a complete crackpot.

  11. Thank you very much for the quick response. Instead I've never heard of El Naschie. I had read about Bogdanov brothers as crackpot. The El Naschie Affair is similar to that of Bogdanov brothers?

  12. There have been comparisons with the Bogdanov brothers. But they at least obtained PhDs in physics. And they published peer-reviewed papers, although bad ones by all accounts. El Naschie's PhD is in civil or structural engineering, and he mostly avoided peer review by being Editor-in-Chief of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. His hundreds of papers are pure numerological nonsense. Definitely read the Introduction.