Monday, September 5, 2011


Get ready, Cairo... the circus is coming to town! For El Naschie watchers, it doesn't get any better than this.

From Rosa Al Youssef. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

النشائي ينافس علي مقعد الرئاسة

أكد د.محمد النشائي الخبير في النانو تكنولوجي اتخاذه قرار الترشح لانتخابات الرئاسة أمس بعد تلقيه مطالبات من عدد من المقربين منه لافتاً إلي أنه يستهدف في برنامجه الانتخابي الذي يعكف علي صياغته إعلاء قيمة العلم واحترام العلماء ورفع ميزانيات البحث العلمي وربطه باحتياجات المجتمع إضافة إلي بحث حلول مبتكرة للقضاء علي البطالة والعشوائيات.

or in English:

El Naschie competing for the seat

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie expert in nanotechnology decided to run for the Presidency yesterday after receiving advice from a number of those close to him, and pointed out bullet points in the manifesto that he is now busy drafting, to uphold the value of science and respect for scientists, and to raise the budgets for scientific research, and linking it to the needs of the community, and in addition to research innovative solutions to eliminate slums and unemployment.

Here's a screen cap in case this bizarre announcement disappears. Click for full size.

Here's the screen cap of the identical story on Masress. Click for full size.

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  1. "An application of E-infinity theory to eliminate slums and unemployment"?

  2. Yes. E-infinity theory: Is there anything it can't do?

  3. You cannot be serious...

  4. I am completely serious, I assure you. An Arabic speaker should check the article to see that it says the great man really is throwing his hat into the ring, but there is not much room for ambiguity in interpretation in my opinion.

  5. OMG !!! I am speechless.

    When I first saw the title of the post I hoped that you were jocking, Jason. Unfortunately, after reading the article I realized that you're not.

  6. When will the presidential elections be held?

    P.S. Rather than drafting his manifesto the "wannabe pharaoh" should prepare himself for the Nature trial in October. :D

  7. "when will the presidential election be held"

    No one is sure yet. The original plan was that the Parliamentary and presidential elections will be held in September and December; respectively. Now the parliamentary elections has been postponed to November. If that is the case, my guess is that the presidential would be somewhere between March and May.

  8. Hossam, thank you for confirming I interpreted the article correctly. Shrink, yes he should. The El Naschie vs. Nature trial resumes 31 October. Are spectators allowed in the courtroom in such cases? El Naschie Watch readers in London may want to attend. By the way Nature has been reading the blog today.

  9. There is something strange about the presidency issue. I would've expected more publicity than a short Rosa article. At least the great man would've bothered to announce it on his website or facebook page or even make a short youtube video. I think I'll wait for another source before believing this Rosa piece.

    Anyway, even if he ran for presidency, I think any of his Mubarak-should-get-the-Nobel-peace-prize articles or interviews is enough to destroy any credibility for the great man. Most people now are hyper-skeptical about the men who used to worship Mubarak and trying to change their skins after the revolution. His America and west bashing strategy won't do him any good either. I don't think he stands any realistic chance at the presidency, unless the muslim brotherhood back him up. But that's another topic for another day...

  10. Hossam,

    El Naschie probably contacted an old friend at Rosa hoping that they would turn his announcement into a big story. This little paragraph must have been a disappointment to him.

    Maybe other media will pick up the story. I hope so.

    There is no chance of him becoming president. None whatever. However, I selfishly hope he mounts an aggressive and high-profile campaign so that I have something entertaining to write about.

  11. Could it be that he is hoping that his political ambitions might make it inopportune for Nature to continue with the trial?

  12. (1) Because, for business reasons in the Arab world, Nature wouldn't want to be seen attacking a prominent, respected person like a Presidential candidate? He could be thinking that.

    (2) It could also be that he's setting up an excuse not to return to court -- being busy campaigning.

    (3) It could be he knows he's going to lose utterly in court, and his candidacy is preparation to frame the loss as a racist attack on a prominent Egyptian. That would be like him.

  13. Masress is also carrying the story. It's the same as Rosa's.