Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess who's on the cover of today's Al Akhbar

Al Akhbar September 18 2011
Al Akhbar is an Egyptian daily newspaper.

The E-infinity theorist and presidential candidate is on a huge publicity binge!

It would be great if someone could translate the headline of the El Naschie piece.

El Naschie sock puppet Mohamed Mustafa has also picked this up, and provides a scan of the story itself, from page 13 of the daily. Click for full size.

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  1. Translation of the headlines:

    If I became a president, I won't choose Sharaf (the current PM)

    We are still going the wrong way...we were waiting for a government that is capable of thinking not blindly following,

    We do not want to copy the Turkish or Chinese model, we need what's appropriate for our circumstances.

    Science in Egypt is just a tool to make governments look good

    My candidacy program is an industrial and scientific program that depends on nuclear energy and creating jobs for the youths.

    I hate Israel and the "Camp David" treaty is unfair to Egypt.

    BTW...Al Akhbar also introduces him as a 'likely' presidential candidate.

  2. Excellent, thanks Hossam! I am glad "likely" is pro forma.