Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ji-Huan He's scientific milieu

Click pic for full size.

Derek Lowe points to pics of the new Harbin Sixth Pharmaceutical Plant in northeast China. Our own Ji-Huan He of course is not a pharmaceutical chemist, but the pictures of the new facility showing the result of centrally-organized government spending suggest there is a systemic problem with science funding in China. Perhaps fractal-wool man was terrorized into his Impact Factor shenanigans simply by the prevailing research climate. Click any of the photos below for full size.

In my American experience this is not what new science research facilities do or should look like.

An argument could be made that America is a declining empire and that China is a rising one, I suppose.

The photos are from Shanghaiist. Donghua University, Ji-Huan He's institution before moving to Soochow University, is in Shanghai.

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