Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nature zaps Yahia's blog post!

Things we link to disappear. It happens so often it's a running joke around here. Usually it's because someone representing El Naschie threatens legal action for unflattering commentary. But today Nature acted on their own, presumably after conferring with their Taylor Wessing barrister Aidan Eardley to whom I wrote by email yesterday

Are you aware El Naschie is running for President of Egypt? Knowing something about how his mind works, my explanation is this: He wants to puff himself into a dangerous-looking target for Nature's legal wrath. He knows he'll lose ignominiously in court if things continue as they are. So he wants to send the message that attacking him is a racist, anti-Muslim attack on all of Egypt. He wants also to put fear into Macmillan that attacking him could damage their business prospects in the Arab world.

You are aware, also, are you not, that C Cole, P Green and P Cooper are his sock puppets? Probably P Stanton is too. Therefore he will be unable to provide you with contact information for them.

I wonder whether he'll even show up in court on October 31.

Mr. Eardley did not respond.

I see from my visitors log that Nature spent a lot of time reading El Naschie Watch immediately after I posted Yahia describes El Naschie's NassBook interview.

Anyway, as Shrink noted, Yahia has been forced to remove the blog post. The text has been replaced with "XXXXX". Also removed was the following comment I left on his blog:

Thank you for this useful summary of El Naschie's NassBook interview. May I say that you are giving him far too much credit when you call him a "controversial physicist". He is not a physicist at all but a charlatan; a con man. He has no degree in math or physics even at the undergraduate level. His papers are numerological crackpottery that he published in his own vanity journal to avoid peer review. He has been going around telling the Egyptian media that he's a professor at Cambridge (he isn't and never was) and been nominated for a Nobel Prize (ludicrous). And much, much more. He's just a liar, and not even a good one, with a narcissistic personality disorder.

By the way El Naschie is suing Ahmed Zewail for supposedly stealing his ideas about time. Hilarious. An attention-hungry fraud suing a real scientist. And you must be aware El Naschie is suing Nature for an unflattering article about him. El Naschie is going to lose that case and lose it badly. The next court date is October 31.

Maybe a lawyer can comment on Nature's motivation for zapping Yahia's post.

The disappeared Yahia blog post is of course safely preserved in the El Naschie Watch Archives, which exist precisely because of eventualities like this.

PS. Shrink took a careful look at our visitors log. In an email to me he writes

Have you noticed that Nature searched for: "El Naschie" "mohammed yahia" on Google in a single search? They probably think that Yahia's blog post could harm their defense at the trial.

I guess they don't want to be seen as using unfairly to "pile on" against the already aggrieved crackpot. Really, it's very annoying. Yahia's post was perfectly factual, scrupulously fair to El Naschie, and was published on his own initiative, not Nature's. Lawyers... Bah!

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