Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rumor: Iovane won't get his € 876,556

You may recall that Gerardo Iovane applied for a big government grant for his risible research. He has been successful with applications in the past. Writing from Italy, a commenter tells us

According to rumors, Iovane's application has been sunk after ranking extremely low this time.

Excellent. That's € 876,556 that would have been flushed down the toilet.

UPDATE. Another reader provides this:
tabella graduatorie
Iovane's proposal ranks 94th out of 98.

Posts about E-infinity group member Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. http://attiministeriali.miur.it/media/177211/tabella_graduatorie.pdf

    93rd out of 98

  2. Great photoshop -- as always. :)

  3. Jason, it is true that your friend is just 94th out of 98, however it is impressive (at least for me) that he has got 60 points (the maximum) from the referees who have read his project (as everybody else).

  4. You can have some (unrelated) fun with this:


  5. If you want to know more details check this post, in particular the statement of the italian minister of education and research:


  6. http://cassandralegacy.blogspot.com/2011/09/something-is-deeply-wrong-minister-and.html
    Thanks! An excellent and funny explanation in English. I suspect most non-Italians, like me, will not have heard about this shocking gaffe.

  7. Epic performance of Caterina Guzzanti (impersonating Gelmini and Palin):

    Intervista doppia a Palin e Ministro Gelmini


    Unfortunately, only readers who understand Italian will appreciate it to the full extent.

  8. God bless the reviews this time. And thanks to all the previous posters for the funny links ;-)

  9. what a crazy evaluation system is that where the 1st has 75 points and the 96th has 70???

  10. It's analogous to grade inflation.