Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Video! El Naschie interviewed about his candidacy

النشائي يضع أساسيات خططه للاصلاح
El Naschie presents the basics of his plans for reform

These videos were uploaded by YouTube user nassbookprogram on September 19. They are from Nassbook.tv. The presenter is Hala Sarhan. El Naschie looks good. A little makeup and hair dye for the campaign, I'd say. And I think he's lost a little weight. Arabic only, no subtitles.

النشائي يلقي الضوء على نماذج النجاح الدولية بالعالم
El Naschie sheds light on international models of success in the world

النشائي يشرح مخاطر السياسات الأمريكية
El Naschie explains the dangers of U.S. policies

النشائي يتعهد بتفيذ وعوده خلال 18 شهر
El Naschie has implemented the vows and promises during the 18 months

This discussion thread has some comments about El Naschie's candidacy, mostly favorable, in Arabic.

The following versions were uploaded by YouTube user rotanmasriya. They are longer and contain some parts not in the previous set.

د. محمد النشائي عالم فيزياء نظرية ومهندس مصري، ورشح لجائزة نوبل 2006، وأستاذ الفيزياء النظرية بجامعة كمبردج البريطانية

صاحب «نظرية المقطع الذهبي في فيزياء الكم»، حيث قال عنها: «لقد توصلت إليها منذ عام 1991 وقدمت حوالى 5 بحوث جديدة فيها، واتهمت وقتها بالجنون، ولكن وبعد مرور نحو 19 عاماً، يأتي علماء تجريبيون يقولون إن ما توصل إليه النشائى نظرياً هو صحيح 100٪، وهذا إنجاز علمى كبير».

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie scientist of theoretical physics and an Egyptian engineer, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize 2006, and is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge, British.

His «theory of the Golden Section in quantum physics», where he said: «We have reached since 1991 and has about 5 new research it, and accused at the time of insanity, but after nearly 19 years, coming scientists tentative say that the findings of the El Naschie theory is 100% correct, and this is a great scientific achievement ».

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  1. A great post by Mohammed Yahia (on blogs.nature.com!) in which he summarizes some of the "several controversial statements":

    Controversial scientist to run for presidency in Egypt

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip, Shrink.

  3. The last of the videos embedded above has a great slide show for the first minute or so. El Naschie is shown with his arm around the shoulders of Brotherhood members Ji-Huan He and Leila Marek-Crnjac. The occasion is his 2005 birthday celebration in Shanghai. If any of the other people in the photos can be identified, please let us know.