Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yahia describes El Naschie's NassBook interview

UPDATE: Nature zaps Yahia's blog post!
Mohammed Yahia is proprietor of House of Wisdom - blogging Arabic science. He has an excellent post Controversial scientist to run for presidency in Egypt summarizing El Naschie's NassBook interview which we blogged about previously. Shrink notes with wry amusement that House of Wisdom is hosted on Nature's website. El Naschie is embroiled in a legal battle with Nature; that court case resumes on October 31.

Here's the whole thing. Points of interest are green and my comments are red.

Controversial scientist to run for presidency in Egypt

During the popular talk show NassBook last night, controversial physicist Mohamed El-Naschie announced his intent to run for presidency in Egypt’s first post-revolution presidential elections, which are planned to be held during the first half of 2012. He stressed this was never his dream, but he will have to bear the responsibility [preening, as always] even though he’s over 70 years old.

During the interview, which lasted a little over 70 minutes, El-Naschie made several controversial statements. Here’s a summary of the more interesting points he made.

1) When asked about his presidential programme, he said he has a visionary programme but it would take too long to present it [o_O] here during the show.

2) He called the events which toppled long time presidents in Tunisia and Egypt as “real revolutions”, but what is happening in other states, including Libya, as “fabricated events.”

3) He promised he will provide a budget to build three nuclear power plants in Egypt. When asked how he will raise money for these ambitious projects, he said he must keep this a secret for now so no other political parties would steal his idea. [We'll just have to trust him.]

4) He advocated a programme of immigration, that will send young people from Egypt abroad to the West (and not the Gulf) as a way to overcome the large unemployment in Egypt.

5) He advocated what he called a “benign dictatorship”, which he says has brought prosperity and progress to many countries, giving Malaysia and Singapore as examples. He called the US democracy as a farce that would only impress simple-minded folks from the third world, not someone (like him) who has lived amongst the West. He says Egypt needs a government working to implement its vision, while ignoring any protests or the voices of those on the street calling for something else. He added that he is not advocating dictatorships, but each country has its own realities and it must deal with that instead of empty slogans. His example was Germany which, according to him, couldn’t survive without a dictator which is why Hitler was voted in. Only afterwards did they manage to establish a proper democracy.

He later went back and said he is against a tyrant dictatorship, but was calling for a “dictatorship based on knowledge.”

6) He said that science is the only way to development and there are no other paths that Egypt can take. Any other path that offer “quick fixes” are fake. A little later, however, he said that this is not the time to promote large scale science research projects but that the government should focus on unemployment of the middle class in Egypt first. He said that science research should come later and criticized the endorsement by the current government of Nobel laureate Ahmed Zewail’s project to found the Zewail City of Science and Technology. [El Naschie is also suing Zewail, for allegedly stealing El Naschie's ideas about time.] He said that if he becomes president, he’ll solve the unemployment problem in the middle class within 18 months.

7) He said that Zewail’s project was definitely an illusion and he had no doubts about that. He went on to comment that scientists often have very low morals [LOL] and should not be held at such a high-esteem as was done before. He criticized talk of investment in science to “change Egypt within 15 years” as childish talk. He wants to change Egypt within two years instead. He said scientists often lied and cheated to win the Nobel Prize just for the US$2 million award, which is not important to an engineer like him. When the presenter contended that the project came from a Nobel laureate, he said: “So what? This is neither important nor related to the realities. I wrote this before; I said ‘Why should we care? What if he won the award of Santa Clause?’” [What a buffoon.]

8) Finally, He said he doesn’t like Einstein at all and his [Einstein's] theory, which he personally loves, didn’t come up with any useful application [what?!]. It is a theory that may, in the future, be worth something. He also attacked Mohammed El-Baradei (another expected presidential hopeful) for his work heading the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which he said he has no respect for nor does he think it deserves any awards it may have received.

You can watch the full episode online here - but it is in Arabic with no subtitles unfortunately.

Thanks to Mohammed Yahia for blogging this and to Shrink for pointing it out.

Here's more commentary on El Naschie's NassBook interview. This is from alsam3r on Zimbio:

عاجل بالفيديو : عالم فيزياء مصري يترشح لرئاسة الجمهورية علي الهواء
Written on Sep-20-11 1:50pm - Not yet published to a wikizine
From: alsam3r.com

عالم الفيزياء المصري محمد النشائي اعلن علي الهواء مباشرة ترشحة لمنصب رئاسة جمهورية مصر العربية في لقاؤة مع الاعلامية هالة سرحان في برنامج ناس بوك علي قناة روتانا مصرية والعالم محمد النشائي استاذ الطبيعة النظرية بجامعة كامبريدج سابقا وجامعة الاسكندرية وجامعة فرانكفورد واكد النشائي علي ترشحة للمنصب وذلك لعشقة الشديد لمصر وطنة وذلك علي الرغم من عدم مكوثة في مصر الا مؤخر واكد النشائي علي عدم ميولة للسياسة ولكنة وجد انة يجب ان يتخذ قرار ترشحة لرئاسة الجمهورية لان الاوضاع اضطرتة الي ذلك بحسب قولة

or in Google's English:

Urgent Video: Egyptian physicist run for the presidency on the air
Written on Sep-20-11 1:50 pm - Not yet published to a wikizine
From: alsam3r.com

Physicist Mohamed El Naschie announced live on his candidacy for the presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt in his meeting with the media Hala Sarhan on the people Bock on Rotana Egypt and the scientist Mohamed El Naschie professor of theoretical physics, University of Cambridge [No.], formerly of Alexandria University and the University of Frankfurt [No.] and confirmed El Naschie on his candidacy for the position and so he loves very to Egypt, his homeland and in spite of the lack of his stay in Egypt, but recently said on not El Naschie orientation of the policy but found that he must take the decision of his candidacy for the presidency because the situation forced him to so he says

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  1. Thanks for picking this up. I watched the interview live before blogging about it and was, to say the least, flabbergasted at the statements he made.

    Just wanted to point out something. In the last point I make, where El-Naschie says he doesn't like Einstein - he says that EINSTEIN'S theory is the one that doesn't have any practical applications (although he [El-Naschie] loves the theory because he's a scientist)

  2. How could he say that? Surely nuclear reactors are a practical application of Einstein's theory? Or gravitational lensing in astronomy? :) Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Well, he said that Einstein's theory might be related to the nuclear bomb (mind you, the bomb only not the reactor) which is why he doesn't like Einstein.

  4. Oh, you must be kidding: Yahia's post was removed (to be frank I expected that); I wonder what's the true reason? Was it Nature's own decision (which seems plausible because they are in a legal dispute with El Naschie) or El Naschie himself threatened them?

    I feel sorry for Yahia, but, at least, his post will be preserved on this blog.