Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zeinobia gives El Naschie candidacy short shrift

In her Egyptian Chronicles blog post Road to Civil State: Presidential elections long race, Zeinobia surveys the field of Egyptian presidential hopefuls. Here is her assessment.

First here are the potential presidential candidates currently in spotlight for those interested:
  • Mohamed ElBaradei
  • Amr Moussa
  • Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh
  • Hisham El Bastawisi
  • Mohamed Salim El Awa
  • Hazem Abu Ismail
  • Hamdeen Sabhi
  • Bothania Kamel
  • Ayman Nour
  • Magdy Hatata
  • Mohamed Balal

Potential candidates without official announcement:
  • Ahmed Shafik
  • Omar Soliman

TV stunt candidates: [o_O]
  • Tawfik Okasha
  • Mohamed Naschie [:O]

The military unofficial candidate:
  • Sami Anan

How dare she!

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