Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alexandria U. President Hend Hanafi resigns

Hend Hanafi is infamous to El Naschie Watch readers for two reasons. First, she appointed the pseudoscientist El Naschie to an emeritus professorship in the physics department. Second, she ignored our warning about the He/El Naschie citation scam's effect on Alexandria University's 2010 ranking by Times Higher Education. In fact she cynically played up the ranking.

In a blog post about paltry university departmental budgets, Zeinobia reports

...the University of Alexandria’s dean Hend Hanfy stepped down yesterday from her position after protests and sit in by the students that was held for days. The resignation of Hanfy did not come so easily because the Alexandria university students were attacked by Hend’s supporters with water hoses !!!... There is a strong movement across several universities in Egypt where students demand that the NDP appointed deans to resign.

The NDP was the ruling party under Hosni Mubarak. Hanafi was appointed on 9 June, 2009.

There is also a report on Hanafi's resignation in Seventh Day. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

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  1. I heard that she changed her mind about the resignation and she still is the president...couldn't verify it from a trusted source though.

  2. Interesting! Please tell us if you learn more, Hossam.