Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alexandria University takes a tumble

You may remember this pic from last year:

Here's how it looks this year:

AU's overall rank dropped from 147th last year to somewhere in the 301-350 range this year; 330th according the Richard Holmes in University World News here.

Holmes also discusses the situation in Meanwhile over in Alexandria in which he risks a law suit by calling El Naschie a "marginal academic figure", and in Update on Alexandria, where he talks about Hend Hanafi.

Ashraf Khaled has an interesting article showing the tumultuous circumstances of university presidents in post-Mubarak Egypt. Elections reinstate some university leaders.

Thanks to Shrink for this roundup. He also notes that "some Egyptian physicists/mathematicians still cite the Great Man and his E-infinity group", pointing to this October 13, 2011 paper:

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