Thursday, October 20, 2011

El Naschie publishes a peer-reviewed paper

Since the publisher, Elsevier, of El Naschie's erstwhile vanity journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals fired him and then fired the entire editorial staff, it has been a tough slog for the great man. He tried to launch new journals, Journal for E-infinity and Complexity Theory in High Energy Physics & Engineering hosted on his website named after this one; and Fractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum and High Energy Physics, published by Asian Academic Publisher and managed by the disreputable E-infinity group member Ji-Huan He. But these journal launchings have not been successes. In fact they have never published any issues whatsoever.

So I am pleased to have received an email from Shawn Halayka according to which El Naschie has finally managed to publish what seems to be a peer-reviewed paper in a real journal! Here's the issue: JQIS Volume 01, Number 02 (September 2011) .

Quantum Entanglement

The revision history suggests it was actually peer-reviewed. "Received June 20, 2011; revised July 18, 2011; accepted August 2, 2011"

But wait a minute. All is not what it seems.

Let us start with the least damning criticism, which is that it isn't a very good paper. I'm not a physicist and even I can see that. Physicists can give their opinions in the comments if they like.

The same issue contains what look like dodgy papers by other authors too.
  • Shiro Ishikawa, A New Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
  • He-Zhou Wang, He-Xiang He, Jie Feng, Xiao-Dong Chen et al., The Actual Nature of Light (I) Reveal the Mystery about the Actual Nature of Light from Newton, Einstein to the Recent Mistakes
  • Raoul Charreton, Revisions of the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Suggested by Properties of Random Walk
Clearly this is a bad journal.

But these are not the real problems.

The real problem is that this ostensibly "new" paper differs hardly at all from another of his papers, The fractal geometrical origin of quantum mechanics from Hardy's quantum entanglement, which we wrote about in El Naschie's recent reprint is a fake. Go read that post now if you are not familiar with it.

It is not acceptable to publish the same paper in different journals. El Naschie is plagiarizing himself. This is scandalous behavior even for him. Ironically, his only defense is to admit that the earlier reprint is indeed fake.

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  1. Drudge and many others are reporting Libya's Colonel Gaddafi has been killed.

  2. This publisher, like Bentham Open, will publish anything and add the words "with peer review" for the low, low cost of the open access fee.

  3. Interesting. That journal JQIS was spamvertized in my mailbox some time ago....

  4. Give this
    it is not surprising El Naschie published with this publisher.