Saturday, October 29, 2011

El Naschie reviles his British hosts

Thanks to H for this breathtaking clip from MEMRITVVideos. Egyptian Presidential Candidate Mohamed El Naschie on Misr TV (Egypt) September 22, 2011. In Arabic with English subtitles. My most fervent hope is that Nature's legal team can think of a reason to play this in Court.

English transcript

El Naschie: I loathe what the West has done for 300 years in this region. May Allah curse them for their policies. I live in Britain, and my children are American and British nationals. My children, but not me. I have only an Egyptian passport.

Host: You didn't obtain another nationality?

El Naschie: Never! I will never accept one.

Host: This is commendable. You are so proud of your Egyptian nationality...

El Naschie: It's not pride, it's hatred. It's not because I love, but because I hate.

Host: I thank you for your candidness. You hate these societies so much that you refused their passports.

El Naschie: Exactly.

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  1. I'd refrain from using MEMRI as a source for.. well, anything really. They have a history of biased selectivity and unreliable to (apparently deliberately) false translations to shed the worst light on the Middle East in any possible way.

    For exposing a loony charlatan like El Naschie, you shouldn't be relying on a charlatan bunch masquerading as a non-partisan organisation.

  2. Ahmed, is there any problem with the translation of this video?

    Otherwise this blog collects ANY information from ANY source regarding the Great Man.

  3. Thanks, Ahmed. Here's that link enabled.

    Yes, MEMRI cherry-picks to make the Muslim world look bad. People should factor that into their evaluations when watching MEMRI videos. If the transcript of this particular video is unfair, please let me know.

  4. Like Shrink said, there is no way El Naschie Watch would pass up a subtitled video of the great man.