Monday, October 3, 2011

Is this El Naschie's year to win the Nobel?

He has been nominated several times before, and previous physics winners have said Mohamed El Naschie should get the award rather than they. By rights, for his theory of the Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics (which was experimentally confirmed recently by scientists in the Helmholtz-Zentrum and Oxford University) El Naschie deserves the award several times over. Unfortunately the Nobel Prize -- whose winner is decided not in Stockholm but in Tel Aviv -- has always lost its way to him. But in Egypt this year the tantalizing scent of victory blows in the fresh air of the Arab Spring, and many expect the great Egyptian scientist's luck finally to change.

Besides the odds-on favorite El Naschie, some lesser scientists have been mentioned as long-shots: Alain Aspect of France, John Clauser of the United States, Anton Zeilinger of Austria, Yakir Aharonov of Israel, and Michael Berry of Britain. Althought their work is not as paradigm-shifting as El Naschie's, they have the advantage of not being Muslim, named Mohamed, and carrying an Egyptian passport.

George W. Bush and the Mossad are known to have intervened to prevent El Naschie from winning on previous occasions.

The winner or winners in physics will be announced on October 4, after the Nobel Committee has received its instructions from Bibi Netanyahu. The awards ceremony will take place on December 10.

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  1. They do not give Nobel prize in physics to crackpots.