Monday, October 24, 2011

Judge hails from One Brick Court!

The Honorable Sir David Eady, the judge in El Naschie v Nature, was previously a member of Chambers at the law firm defending Nature!

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I cast no aspersions and I am certain the judge will be fair. This is not a very rare occurrence, as I know from having watched a few episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey. But it could not conceiveably be construed as good news for El Naschie, who needs all the help he can get. I wonder if he knows. I only just realized it myself from reading the last paragraph of their Barristers page.

Former members of Chambers include two Court of Appeal Lords Justices (Sir David Hirst and Sir Brian Neill, both now retired), Sir David Eady (sitting as Mr Justice Eady since 1997),...

It also says so in his Wikipedia entry.

Eady was a member of One Brick Court chambers, "a legal chambers known for its libel work," and specialised in media law. The Daily Telegraph described him as "a leading courtroom defender of red-top journalism, much in demand as a barrister who could be relied on to uphold the freedom of the tabloids to expose the private lives of public figures."

On the other hand El Naschie may find encouragement in these words from Wikipedia:

As a judge (since 1997) he is known for having judged many high-profile libel cases; Quentin Letts called him "the High Court's favourite libel judge". According to The Times, Eady "has delivered a series of rulings that have bolstered privacy laws and encouraged libel tourism." One commentator said that "he has interpreted the European Convention on Human Rights in a restrictive way. In effect he is developing a privacy law." He has also been repeatedly criticised by Private Eye on similar grounds.

He is considered friendly to libel complainants! Maybe it'll be a horse race after all.

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