Monday, October 24, 2011

My email to Nature's law firm

I just sent this to all their barristers.

Dear friends at One Brick Court,

First let me apologize for spamming your office. Please don't sue me! I wrote to Mr. Aidan Eardley on September 21 but he did not acknowledge my email so I don't know for certain whether he got it and accordingly it seems prudent to widen the recipient list.

Second let me tell you how excited we at El Naschie Watch are about El Naschie v Nature returning to court October 31st. We don't like him one bit, so take him to the cleaners. By the way his idiotic Egyptian presidential run is intended to intimidate your client and possibly to provide an excuse for not turning up in court next week, viz., being busy campaigning.

Did One Brick Court at some point replace Taylor Wessing as Nature's law firm in this case? Or are both firms somehow involved? Taylor Wessing was aware of the usefulness of El Naschie Watch and I hope One Brick Court is as well. El Naschie sock puppet "darrylmoffet" complained piteously that Taylor Wessing had quoted El Naschie Watch in court, LOL! El Naschie is a world-class sock puppeteer. You have been asking questions about C Cole, P Green, P Cooper and P Stanton so you may be aware already.

Do you know the crackpot has got another law suit going, this one against Nobel Laureate in chemistry Ahmed Zewail for supposedly stealing his ideas? Comedy gold.

Anyone in your offices involved in El Nachie v Nature should read Introduction to Mohamed El Naschie and Why Mohamed El Naschie invites ridicule for general information about the old charlatan, and the following articles specific to El Naschie v Nature:

If you have any questions about El Naschie please ask. I want to help. And reciprocally El Naschie Watch would be grateful for any information you can give us about El Naschie v Nature. We needn't attribute if you prefer. Anonymous leaks are fine. Good luck in court.

Best regards,


Explanation of the Y U NO meme.

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  1. Maybe our assumption that Aidan Eardley is a Taylor Wessing lawyer/barrister was wrong: he was only instructed by Taylor Wessing - as one can read in the judgment from June this year. :)

  2. Taylor Wessing and One Brick Court have their own websites, and Eardley is mentioned only at the latter. I don't know why the defense is dealing with two firms. Aidan y u no explain.

  3. Yeah, maybe someone who knows the legal lingo (especially British) can explain what "instructed by" means.