Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nobel Prize eludes El Naschie

Luboš Motl reports

The 2011 physics Nobel prize goes to Saul Perlmutter (50%), Brian Schmidt (25%), and Adam Riess (25%) for their observations of distant supernovae.

The astronomers were grateful, but confided privately that El Naschie was more deserving of the prize.

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  1. I am quite sure the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe was somehow influenced by E-infinity. But of course they wouldn't give him credit for that and we all know why.

  2. I expect El Naschie will win the physics prize in 2012, and Ji-Huan He will win the prize in physiology or medicine for his Fatalness of virus depends upon its cell fractal geometry (PDF).

  3. oh yeah...acceleration inspired by E-infinity, hehehe.