Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video! El Naschie at Celebration of Science

This post is an update to El Naschie speaks at Gala Celebration of Science.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user alwafdtvnews on October 17, 2011. It's in Arabic without subtitles. Total length is 5:51. El Naschie appears at 2:37, looking important and handing out awards or something. He begins speaking at 4:32 in an extreme close-up shot, almost fish-eye lens style.

The title is "احتفالية عيدالعلم بجريدة اخبار اليوم " which Google Translate renders as "Celebration Aidalalm newspaper News Today".

It was pure luck to find the link to this obscure video with only 58 views at the bottom of this page. El Naschie's name doesn't appear in the title, and alwafdtvnews did not provide any description, so as of this writing Google hasn't yet figured out it's about the great man. By featuring it on El Naschie Watch we can expect to increase its views significantly.

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