Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video! El Naschie on Al Jazeera Direct Egypt

Thanks to Zahy for this excellent find. It was uploaded to YouTube by Al Jazeera Direct Egypt (Facebook) on Friday October 14, which is probably the date of the interview. The interviewer is Susan Aldzami.

The reader comments are hilarious. First mohamdsyasser says "العلماء مكانهم الطبيعى فى المختبرات وليس فى دوامة السياسة وقداسة البابا شنودة سوف يصلى من اجلك .............." which Google Translate renders as

The place of natural scientists is in laboratories and not in the cycle of politics. His Holiness Pope Shenouda will pray for you ..............

But El Naschie is not a real scientist. He just plays one on TV.

Then MediOmran attacks him in English

Nasha'i if you're reading this listen intensely. You're arrogant, you don't give the host a chance to finish her sentence and you think highly of yourself more than you really are on the ground. Why don't you just enjoy what's left in your life and leave politics to whom understand it?! it's a shame a guy your age has that small amount of comprehension and respect to others.

That's a valid criticism. El Naschie is pushy, constantly interrupting Ms. Aldzami. He won't shut up.

Finally, elbal3otti shouts "منكم لله ضيعتوا وقتنا مع واحد اهبل !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", or

God damn you, you wasted our time with this asshole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which is disrespectful to the great man. :) Thanks to Hossam for the translation.

Arabic readers, does El Naschie say anything interesting or amusing? Let us know.

The venue for this interview is probably either his house in Alexandria, or his office on the upscale island of Zamalek in the Cairo Nile.

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  1. Wow! that's a great find Zahy!

    The third comment could be translated as : God damn you, you wasted our time with this asshole !!!

    I'll watch it now and see if there is something amusing to share here.

  2. Aside from the usual anti-western anti-elbaradei anti-Nobel rant, El Naschie appeared too arrogant and even a bit rude with the interviewer. Perhaps because she confronted him with his pre-revolution hypocritical praise to Mubarak and his son.

    Also I was very surprised when she introduced him as a 2006 Nobel physics nominee. That kind of nonsense is perfectly normal in Egyptian television but not Aljazeera.

  3. Thanks, Hossam. I should find her email address.