Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Trade Announcements on El Nashie v Nature

From a Wednesday 9 November press release:

Today is also the opening day of a libel case brought against scientific journal Nature by Professor Mohamed El Naschie (4) for a November 2008 news article reporting El Naschie's retirement as editor-in-chief of the journal Chaos, Solutions and Fractals and highlighted controversies during his tenure. Nature has been preparing for this case for two years meaning hundreds of hours of staff time has gone into this instead of carrying out other investigations. Andrew Caldecott QC described the case last week as a "fundamental issue of freedom of scientific expression."

and later in the same article:

The libel case against Nature (Naschie v Macmillan Publishers Ltd (t/a Nature Publishing Group)) starts in Court 12 of the Royal Courts of Justice, London before Sharp J at 10.30 am on Wednesday 9th November. The November 2008 article reported that El Naschie self-published many papers and it commented on the standard of peer review at the journal. The article also reported that El Naschie claims several affiliations and honorary professorships with international institutions which could not be confirmed by Nature. Nature is defending the case and will try and show justification, fair comment and Reynolds privilege. For a summary of the case and hearings so far please contact Síle Lane at slane@senseaboutscience.org, 020 7490 9590, 07719391814

Naturally I have emailed Síle Lane.

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  1. Great-for the availability of a summary of the hearings so far. :)

  2. I hope she sends it soon. It's been six hours since I requested it. Here's a profile of her.

  3. Eleven hours and still nothing from her. However, the Queen's Bench List has been updated, and El Naschie's case is on for Thursday:

    COURT 12
    Thursday, 10th November 2011
    At half past 10
    Jury List
    TLJ/10/1474 El Naschie v MacMillan Publishers Ltd & anr Pt Hd

  4. After the "Off-topic vituperative gossip post" debacle, I would not expect anyone with any sense of respect and responsabilty contacting you ever again, or quote you, for that.

    This was IMO far more efficiently ruining your credibility than the "Great Man Photoshops" you later did replace by kittens...

  5. But she did in fact send me the summary I asked for.

  6. Anonymous, please, do NOT mix respect and credibility. As for responsibility, well, you don't mean the kind of G. Iovane ("I respond hierarchically to my God, my Head of State, my Rector and Dean and I take my responsibility for what I publish and endorse."), do you?