Thursday, November 17, 2011

Egypt is unaware of El Naschie v Nature

The Egyptian media have not reported on the case at all.

You'd think since he's widely believed to be "the Einstein of Egypt" and he's a presidential candidate who makes lots of TV appearances and writes columns in national newspapers (the link is to Rosa Al Youssef, in Arabic) that some interest would be taken in El Naschie v Nature. But no. The papers and TV stations appear oblivious.

There was a time, back before El Naschie's lawyers deserted him, when he bragged in interviews about suing Nature. On January 3, 2010 I wrote about his interview with Ayman al-Hakim

El Naschie got an important, long awaited phone call in German during the interview. When the phone call was over, El Naschie was happy, and told the interviewer in Arabic that the Nature case is almost won. He expects a front-page apology in Nature and other prestigious publications, and he expects ten million pounds from Nature for defamation. The interviewer asks El Naschie what he'll do with so much money, and El Naschie says snarkily that he certainly won't contribute it to ElBaradei's campaign.

These days El Naschie is making no effort to bring the case to national attention.

It will be interesting to see how he handles the inevitable smackdown. Will he shut up, and slink away in shame? That's not his style. He's more likely to claim that he never had a chance because he's a Muslim, named Mohamed, and carries an Egyptian passport. And that the verdict was decided not in London but in Tel Aviv.

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