Sunday, November 6, 2011

El Naschie cited in new physics paper

Shrink directs our attention to Mario J. Pinheiro, On Newton’s Third Law and its Symmetry-Breaking Effects, Physica Scripta Vol. 84 No. 5, November 2011. Here is a copy from the arXiv re-hosted on Scribd:

Pinheiro on Newton's Third Law

On page 11 Pinheiro writes

To better handle with a possible fractal nature of spacetime, El-Naschie’s E-infinity theory (El Naschie, 2007) regards discontinuities of space and time in a transfinite way, through the introduction of a Cantorian spacetime.

The reference is to a paper of the great man in the wretched journal from which his friend Ji-Huan He was fired as Editor-in-Chief. It is cited as El Naschie, M. S., 2007, Int. J. of Nonlinear Sc. and Numerical Simulation 8, 469. But it's not clear exactly what paper that is.

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  1. Well...
    Jason, let's call it "Cantorian", ok? :D