Thursday, November 17, 2011

El Naschie lookin' forward to the weekend

Kickin’ in the front seat. Sittin’ in the back seat. El Naschie's gotta make his mind up. Which seat can he take?

Perhaps the Queen's Bench?

Friday, 18th November 2011
At 10 o’clock
Jury List
TLJ/10/1474 El Naschie v MacMillan Publishers Ltd & anr Pt Hd


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  1. The Friday session must have been hilarious:#

    From The Guardian:

    "Professor compares himself with Einstein and says expert witness is not sufficiently qualified to understand his work"

    "In response, El Naschie pointed out that even Albert Einstein had made mistakes in his publications. "Einstein is the most sloppy scientist ever. He never defined his quantities, he doesn't put in references and he made so many mistakes of mathematics and concepts. He was a very natural man when he explained something to lay people. But Einstein, whom I admire very much because he had imagination and the courage to stand up to the bloody Nazis, Einstein was an extremely sloppy man."

    Later in the session, El Naschie accused Turok of having "no idea" about mathematics and being unqualified to assess his work. "If somebody doesn't understand things, it's his own limitation," El Naschie said.

    Turok was questioned by El Naschie, who is representing himself in the trial. During the cross-examination, the judge, Justice Sharp, interrupted El Naschie at several points to remind him to ask direct questions and allow the witness to answer, rather than making lengthy statements.

    For long periods the questioning focused on Turok's knowledge of the history of physics, the identity of specific Nobel prize winners and how aware he was of the pioneers in theoretical physics."

  2. haha I know. I put up the Guardian post 4 minutes before your comment. :)