Saturday, November 19, 2011

El Naschie reportedly returning to Egypt post haste

Dr. Ali Mohamed Abdel Hafiz Al-Selmy, who is shown in the embedded video talking about an unrelated matter, is Egypt's Vice Prime Minister for Political Development and Democratic Transition. The venerable daily newspaper Al Ahram reports today that Mohamed El Naschie is among a group of intellectuals and opinion makers participating in the Eleventh Congress on Arab Educational Ethics which will be held at the University of Cairo on Wednesday 23 November and titled «ethics of elections and political action». The conference is being held under the auspices of Dr. Al-Selmy.

Since El Naschie is due in Court on Monday 21 November, and since there is so far no indication that's the last day of the trial, this is cutting it too close, if Al Ahram's report is correct. It could be an old commitment that he forgot to cancel, or an indication that he's fleeing the whole damned ignominious libel debacle. We'll soon find out which.

Seventh Day tells about the conference but doesn't specifically mention El Naschie. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Here's Al Ahram's report: Original Arabic النزاهة والشفافية فى مؤتمر or Google's English version, Integrity and Transparency Conference.

Recent press reports on El Naschie v Nature all have neglected to mention that The Great Man is a candidate for the Egyptian presidency. (They have also omitted that he's a charlatan and a crackpot, but perhaps they don't want to be sued.)

UPDATE: Nahda University of Beni Suif has on its website the program of Wednesday's conference. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. The first symposium concerns "dialogue on the current situation" and runs from 10:30AM until noon. It is chaired by Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman, Governor of Giza. There are six speakers scheduled, all of them potential Egyptian presidential candidates.

  • Dr. Mohamed El Naschie
  • Dr. Abdullah Ashaal
  • A. Sabbahi
  • Ala Rizk
  • Hazem Abu Ismail
  • Samir Mahmoud

The conference organizers certainly expect El Naschie to be there on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday evening London time, the Queen's Bench will publish Wednesday's docket and we will be able to infer definitively whether El Naschie has a scheduling conflict. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: It is now Tuesday evening in London. The Queen's Bench list for Wednesday does not include El Naschie v Nature. So he should be able to keep his 10:30 AM appointment in Cairo.

UPDATE: It is now Wednesday evening in London. The Queen's Bench list for Thursday does not include El Naschie v Nature. Perhaps the trial is over and we are just waiting for the result?

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  1. The case continues tomorrow.

    COURT 12
    Tuesday, 22nd November 2011
    At half past 10
    Jury List
    TLJ/10/1474 El Naschie v MacMillan Publishers Ltd & anr Pt Hd