Saturday, November 19, 2011

FrogHeart on El Naschie v Nature

Canadian nanotechnology, science and culture blogger Maryse de la Giroday notes there is a Canadian connection in the case through Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok.

She begins

Neil Turok, Director of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics located in Waterloo, Canada, has been described as being insufficiently qualified to assess a fellow scientist’s work.

El Naschie is the only one making that assessment though.

She goes on to talk about British libel tourism.

I think this will set no precedent in English libel law. Mrs. Justice Sharp must be delighted at this opportunity to prove English judges don't always suck up to libel plaintiffs.

Also see FrogHeart Archive: El Naschie vs Elsheshtwi.

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  1. There is new activity there
    The sock-puppet Hassan (=Elnaschie) appears again
    responding many new criticizing comments.

  2. Hahaha, Anon in action, again. And Hassan thinks it's Jason doing. What a bufoon! Jason always signs his comments/posts with his real name.

  3. BTW: Jason, those comments at FrogHeart deserve their own archive. :)


    (Is this some kind of euphemism?)

  5. Let me explain about "golden fingers". El Naschie's sock puppets have bragged that his E-infinity theory, which is very golden ratio centric, allows one to do computations merely on one's fingers, computations that would require computers under other theories. "Anon", called Elsheshtwi elsewhere, is ridiculing El Naschie in this regard.