Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Latest Lifeboat posts from Otto Rössler

Four more have appeared since we last checked in.

The comments in the November 9 post show how clueless Otto's supporters are, for example when AnthonyL says

This post reads extremely well, in my opinion, so it surely adds to the credibility, prima facie, of Professor Rossler’s case. As Oscar Wilde pointed out, if something is well expressed, that may be all we need to know.

Hansel mops the floor with them.

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  1. http://lifeboat.com/blog/2011/11/stupi-cern-stupi-europe-stupi-netanjahu-stupi-ahmadinejad/comment-page-2#comments

    Otto E. Rössler on November 21, 2011 3:38 am
    Temporal wavelength and temporal period would be synonyms, just as spatial wavelength and spatial period.

    ∇⋅|BS> = ℜ.

  2. If you need a good example for a poor non-definition take this. :D

    Rössler was asked the first time about this in May!!!! Up to now there is not a single posting with an simple answer. If someone still needs a proof for the fact that Telemach is nothing but hot air he must be blind.

  3. Jason said on November 23, 2011 6:23 PM
    Wow, 85 comments on the November 7 post!

    Yup. And counting.
    This guy deft'ly still gets too much attention...

  4. He has to write a new post soon. He is not on the top of lightboat. :D

  5. I thought he was confusing wavelength and frequency, my misunderstanding, duh. He did do that at one point.

  6. Now he has a new posting, as predicted:

    Interesting note:

    "Note: Since I have to leave acutely for a court hearing in a somewhat related context,[...]"

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    in case you are "Hansel" from LIfeboat Blog, as I suspect, I'd like to share a thought with you. Recently, many of Rossler's posts collect zero or just a few comments, but some, such as the one mentioned above by Jason and Solkar, balloon to dozens (if not hundreds) of comments. I'm sorry to tell you this, but what distinguishes the "successful" posts from the others is not their content (they are all crap, anyway). The discriminating factor is whether or not you start nagging Rossler on his "Telemach" theorem, thus triggering the usual cycle of Houston's demented algebra, AnthonyL's pontifications, Rossler's further obfuscation, your own sarcastic reactions to all of the above, and back to the starting point.

    I think it's clear by now that Rossler will NEVER admit that his "theorems" are crap, nor will he ever express them in a coherent mathematical way (either because he can't, or because he knows that it would amount to signing the death warrant for "Telemach"). By constantly calling him to task you are actually doing Rossler a favour, because you fuel his delusion of having a debate in front of a world audience and - perhaps more importantly - because you increase the traffic on Lifeboat Blog, whose owners might otherwise decide that it's not worth associating with such an irrelevant crackpot.

    As I and others have already told you, I think that the best course of action at this point would be to appreciate that nobody in the real world gives a shit about Rossler anymore, and let him fall into the oblivion he deserves. I realize however that, as another poster wrote a while ago, it's a bit like giving up smoking, and I myself have my own relapses from time to time (e.g., this week ;-)


  8. "it's a bit like giving up smoking"

    Seems to be the case. I think no one should car about Rösslers actual postings anymore.

    Another point is Rösslers past and his crackpot-school at the university in Tübingen. I think it could be a good project to examine Rösslers papers etc of the last decades carefully. The guy does not deserve his degrees anymore ...

  9. Anonymous said...
    Another point is Rösslers past and his crackpot-school at the university in Tübingen. I think it could be a good project to examine Rösslers papers etc of the last decades carefully. The guy does not deserve his degrees anymore ...

    When I see the picture in the parallel thread of Professores Martienssen and Greiner honoring The Great Man(*) I'd have to doubt that such "campaigning" against Rössler would have any chance for being successful.

    (*) Yes THE Walter Greiner, author of one of the most popular German physics textbook series.

  10. Have to admit that Rossler's antics are entertaining to watch, which is why I keep going back to look at the Lifeboat Blog. Kind of addictive, to see just how over the top he can get.

    If people quit egging him on, he will probably fold up his tent and go somewhere else.

    Since it is almost Christmas time, I keep hoping he will post an appeal to Santa Claus to stop the LHC for Christmas.

  11. Ott was indeed a witness for El Naschie:


    "Prof El Naschie called one witness, Prof Otto Rossler - an honorary editor of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. [...]

    He told the court that there was no-one who could peer review him, referring to Prof El Naschie, because "if you have something new to offer, peer review is dangerous", adding that in such cases "peer review delays progress in science".[...]

    And he added: "You are the most hard-working and diligent scientists I have ever met."

  12. What have you expected?

    A crackpot called a even bigger crackpot as witness....

  13. New post:


    He is writing something about that his Telemach bullshit would be "in print" in a scientific journal:

    The proof is contained in a paper which is now “in print” again in a scientific journal

    Probably he is referring not to Telemach but his old, long disproved R-theorem.

  14. This would be scientific misbehaviour as there are several reviews proving this "paper" to be a piece of pseudoscientific bullshit.

  15. New Rössler posts:


    Of course there is nothing serious from Rössler to cite.



    Now Cern scientists are not only Nazis (the term "Wunderwaffe" refers to the Nazi-propaganda in WWII)but also like the norvegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

  16. That's an egregious lack of respect by Rossler towards Breivik's victims. However, let's try not to play Rossler's game for once, let's leave his new posts commentless.

  17. He should die alone there.

  18. Rössler now comparing german physicist Nicolai with Heinrich Himmler (chief of the SS in Nazi-Germany):


  19. Friedrich Nowottny, German journalist, once coined the phrase (in another context)
    "wrapping a piece of horse dung with tinfoil and selling it as Golden Delicious" (an apple cultivar).

    That's also a good metaphor for Roessler's "physics" - he's an intellectual underachiever in the field of physics and higher maths - simply not even talented enough to carry out the most trivial of tasks.

    But being a role-model for German Herrenmensch attitude he's delusional about being capable of commanding people, institutions, even creation itself to be as he, due his inferior mind, thinks they are or should be.

    But in the end he's just a totally untalented intellectual underachiever in the field of physics and maths
    - and that's it; end of story.

  20. Yes, end of story. It is not even amusing any longer to read these stupid long comments of his followers AnthonyL or Houston. Who considers Rössler as being "always polite" while Rössler was (not the first time) comparing scientists with Nazi-leaders has lost any credit.

    The Houston guy is simply stupid, a fanatical believer of Rössler. perhaps he is even a alter ego of Rössler himself.

    However, a few people have written comments there again what should be stopped now.

  21. LOL, Otto is begging for comments now:


  22. I tried to answer "I would laugh" but he's still blocking me.