Thursday, November 10, 2011

My patient Mohamed is not feeling well today

Sense About Science sent me the following summary. The most interesting part is green. I have added two hyperlinks.

Naschie v Macmillan Publishers Ltd (t/a Nature Publishing Group)

Monday 31st October 2011

Today is the opening day of the libel case brought in London against science journal Nature by Professor Mohamed El Naschie.

In November 2008 Nature published a news article reporting El Naschie’s retirement as editor-in-chief of the journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. The article reported controversies during El Naschie’s tenure and reported that El Naschie claims several affiliations and honorary professorships with international institutions which could not be confirmed by Nature.

Professor El Naschie said the article damaged his reputation and sued for libel. The first opening statement today will be by Nature, with El Naschie speaking tomorrow. Nature arguments and witnesses will describe peer review and impact factors and explain how they contribute to scientific publishing and the advancement of scientific understanding.

Nature is defending the case and will try and show justification, fair comment and Reynolds privilege. After opening statements both sides will call expert witnesses. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The original article is not available.

Update Monday 31st October

El Naschie did not appear in court on Monday 31st October. He sent a medical certificate. The trial judge Sharp J described the background to the case including Nature’s “considerable difficulty dealing with the claimant including inconsistent and sometimes incoherent responses to questions asked.” Sharp J ruled the medical information supplied by the claimant was not sufficient, that they should seek more information and reconvene on Wednesday 2nd November.

Update Wednesday 2nd November

The trial will now begin on Wednesday 9th November with Nature’s opening statement.

Besides 31st October, Mrs. Justice Sharp's court did indeed convene for El Naschie v Nature on 2nd November, 9th November, and 10th November so this is not quite up-to-date. But it's hilarious as far as it goes. Just when we thought El Naschie couldn't be more of a flake he outdoes himself. Court is in session even as I write this, and doubtless El Naschie is explaining that the dog ate his homework.

Egyptian presidential candidate El Naschie has no lawyer. He claims he is representing himself because he's broke. On the other hand he's told Egyptian audiences he's contributing 50 million pounds to a fund to build nuclear reactors in Egypt.

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  1. Prediction when he gets an unsatisfactory verdict: He'll say he didn't get a fair trial because he's Muslim, named Mohamed, and carries an Egyptian passport.

  2. El Naschie's case continues tomorrow:

    COURT 12
    Friday, 11th November 2011
    At half past 10
    Jury List
    TLJ/10/1474 El Naschie v MacMillan Publishers Ltd & anr Pt Hd