Monday, November 14, 2011

The Scientist magazine on El Naschie v Nature

A November 14 article in "The Nutshell" series by Bob Grant links to El Naschie Watch. Here's the whole thing, including the one reader comment.

Libel Case Against Nature Starts

A theoretical physicist is suing the journal for an article it ran about his publication practices.

By Bob Grant | November 14, 2011

Opening arguments in the libel trial against the venerated scientific journal Nature got under way last week in London’s High Court. Egyptian physicist Mohamed El Naschie is suing the publication for running a 2008 news story that he claims damaged his reputation. The article alleged that El Naschie self-published numerous papers in the Elsevier-owned theoretical physics journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, where he served as editor-in-chief for 17 years. The Nature story, which is “temporarily unavailable” on the journal’s website, also claimed that El Naschie listed several honorary professorships and other affiliations that journalist Quirin Schiermeier could not confirm.

According to BBC News, the lawyer representing Nature in the case said in his opening statement that he would argue the validity of the article, which represented what he called “true, honest opinion and responsible journalism on an issue of public interest.” El Naschie is representing himself in the case. The blog site El Naschie Watch, which is highly critical of the physicist, has predicted that the High Court is likely to rule in favor of Nature within a month.


jhnycmltly: I suppose one can therefore EXPECT to be censured by Nature for "inappropriate" medical theories ? If Nature is NOW being sued for libel then my experience of being censured may not be as uncommon as I might like to think.

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    BTW: Unfortunately, it seems that the magazine ceased to exist in the paper edition last month.