Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sockpuppet show at FrogHeart

This is a follow-up to our earlier post FrogHeart on El Naschie v Nature. A sockpuppet calling himself Hassan, without any doubt the Great Man himself, writes as follows. A dead giveaway passage is green, and my comments are red:

Please be accurate in your report. You have given a one-sided point of view. You should have reported El Naschie’s point view. If somebody like Turok doesn’t understand papers written by El Naschie’s [sic. El Naschie] clearly that doesn’t mean El Naschie’s ideas are wrong. It may be a limitation on the side of Turok and this is most probably the case as he is a cosmologist and [not] an expert on quantum mechanics or fractal space-time. As for Einstein, remember that his relativity theory was not mainstream at the time and it was rejected by mainstream physicists on the same basis that Turok are claiming here of not understanding. Also, the fact that libel law in England may need reform doesn’t mean that El Naschie’s case against Nature shouldn’t be given a fair trial. Hence, Justice Sharp should be careful on this.

It is always the case that revolutionary theories in any scientific discipline originate first outside the mainstream and it takes a long time to be recognized and become mainstream afterwards. In this respect, one cites Einstein’s Relativity, Darwins’s [sic. LOL] Theory of Evolution, etc. and El Naschie’s fractal space- time theory is a new example. The future is going to prove this as all indications seem to imply at present. There is already such experimental and theoretical confirmations and the most important of which is Hardy’s entanglement in quantum physics which not many people have noticed to be the golden mean to the power of five as exactly predicted by El Naschie’s theory [ROTFLMAO].

I think humanity should have advanced to a great extent in its civilization to not admit another mistake like what happened to Galileo in the courts of the middle ages. Give the man fair trial and do not interfere with what Justice Sharp is going to judge.

You have the iron-clad El Naschie Watch guarantee that this was written by El Naschie himself, notwithstanding he does not use the Internet.

An anonymous commenter responds

Hassan, please be accurate in your comment. You have given an off-topic point of view. The lawsuit has nothing to do with El Naschie’s supposed theory. It is about El Naschie suing Nature for libel because they made the factually correct statments that a) he published a lot of his own papers in his own journal, b) there was evidence of poor or no peer review and c) El Naschie’s affiliations were false and/or could not be verified. Please get your facts straight and do not involve Einstein, Galileo, etc in this matter.

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