Sunday, December 18, 2011

El Naschie on the situation in Egypt

The embedded video shows Egyptian military police beating protestors in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday, mostly women. The Daily Mail has details. Radio Horytna has a page in which various people give brief statements about the current goings-on in Egypt. Here's the original Arabic and here's Google's English translation. The part that's relevant to El Naschie Watch is the following:

د/محمد النشائى عالم الفيزياء الطبيعية بجامعة بركسل : دون التشكيك فى المجلس العسكرى إلا اننا يجب ان نعترف ان الفترة الماضية إتُخذت فيها الكثير من القرارات الخاطئة والتى تسببت فى إهدار الدماء المصرية وهو ما لا يمكن تعويضه

or in English

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, physics scientist at the University of Brussels: Not to question the military council, but we must recognize that in the past they have made a lot of wrong decisions which caused the spilling of Egyptian blood, which can never be compensated.

El Naschie does not have and has never had any affiliation with the University of Brussels.

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  1. Aside from the wrong affiliation, this is a commendable statement (even if he does have some political/ulterior motives for making it).

  2. I agree, but it's a coincidence. El Naschie takes positions in self-interest, not on principle.

  3. Shudder to think... Mubarak was just one asshole out of a dozen who have no respect for the common person.

    I've seen a few naive people say that this goes to show that Mubarak was unjustly made into a scapegoat. Let's be realistic though: Sharon Mubarak made the unforgettable public comment once that her good friend Saddam Hussein had the misfortune of having a son (Uday) who was a psychopath (for carving up some dumbass with an electric knife). Any friend of Saddam Hussein is an enemy of humanity.

  4. I've lost my marbles. The stupid c**t's name is Suzanne, not Sharon. Oops.