Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year from Mohamed El Naschie

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Thanks to Mohamed Mustafa.

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  1. I received this card too, and I replied kindly. I didn't think to send it your way, even though I'm pretty sure it was sent to me as a passive aggressive form of "go fuck yourself Halayka".

    I have to admit that the dude has some cultural sensitivity, because Muslim new year was last month, and yet he's still kind enough to send these wishes out to non-Muslims that follow the solar calendar. Doesn't seem like the actions of an "evil religious zealot that is hellbent on destroying the infidels", if you catch my drift.

  2. Yes, I'm being sarcastic with that comment about "destroying the infidels". The Muslims that I've met from around these parts were very kind to me this Christmas season, and were eager to see past our cultural differences in order to maintain good will toward men, etc -- entirely similar to how the atheists treated me, in fact.

  3. He probably just has a mailing list and you were on it; it wasn't necessarily passive-aggressive. Even El Naschie deserves the benefit of the doubt occasionally. :)

  4. I was weighing it in my mind. You're likely right that whatever mass mailing service he uses now is smart enough to send the emails out to each address individually rather than to all addresses in one shot like before.

    Either way, it's the first email I've gotten from him in a long while, and I am not entirely undeserving of a chewing out. I was pretty harsh with the guy, but that's all over and done with.

  5. Sadly, the name of the painter is misspelled ("Casper David Friedrich" instead of "Caspar David Friedrich").

  6. He must have been thinking of Casper the friendly ghost.