Friday, December 9, 2011

Ji-Huan He's cure for AIDS

In What about Ji-Huan He's work? we looked at some of his papers including Ji-Huan He, Fatalness of virus depends upon its cell fractal geometry, CHAOS SOLITONS & FRACTALS 38.5 (2008): 1390-1393, embedded below.

Fatalness of Virus

As with his pontifications on sheep's wool and polar bear hair, Ji-Huan He has a bad habit of publishing not just one but two papers on any inane thought that pops into his head, and virology turns out to be no exception. Fatalness of Virus has been followed up by Effect of temperature on metabolic rates of virus and host cells, Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Volume 22, Supplement 1, September 2011, Pages S43-S44, European Biotechnology Congress 2011. This is one of those conference proceedings that will publish anything by the attendees because peer review is assumed to be the responsibility of the organizers.

Here's the abstract:

It appears that the more complex viruses (e.g., HIV and SARS coronavirus) the more it tends to be fatal. The question is “Why is it that way?”. We conclude in this report that the highly active metabolism of viruses is the key to answering this question. The increase in body temperature leads to the remarkable increase in the metabolic rate of the host cells. In turn, this leads to an unexpected threat to the virus colony where the host cells might become more metabolically active than the invading viruses. Either this will render the viruses harmless or they will be eliminated. The report also gives a hint to possible thermal therapy and physical exercise therapy [my emphasis] as well as an explanation as to why HIV rarely affects monkey.

The link I gave is to a paywall, unfortunately. If any reader has free institutional access to the full PDF, please email it to me and I will add it to this post for our interest and amusement.

Thanks to Shrink for pointing out this medical breakthrough paper.

PS. Ji-Huan He had the opportunity to publish his paper in the conference proceedings because he did indeed attend. I had not noticed that. In fact he gave a presentation.

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to the reader who responded to my request for the PDF. I have embedded it below. Unfortunately it contains little more than the same abstract. I wonder whether the full paper will appear somewhere.

Two Ji-Huan He Abstracts

This is not a complete loss, though. Have a look at OP39, another abstract for a paper by He et al. Electrospinning is a method of using an electrostatic charge to draw viscous polymers into fibers that accumulate into a felt-like mat. In "Drug-loaded nano materials by electrospinning", they have written about dissolving aspirin in the source polymer.

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  1. Relevant in spirit (not to this particular posting, but to the range of topics addressed by this blog):

    Perhaps the Great Man should seek new employment in one of Saudi institutions...


    Thank you for that interesting link! It's timely, too. 9 December. Richard Holmes of University Ranking Watch will like this if he hasn't seen it already.

    I think the Saudis know El Naschie is a fake, and first became suspicious of him as a result of the article he sued Nature over.

  3. UPDATED with reader-provided PDF.

  4. There is a guy called Hayat Tasawar from Pakistan who has published 456 research papers in mathematics.
    According to wikipedia
    Tasawar Hayat (born January 1, 1959) is a Pakistani mathematician who has made pioneering research in mechanical engineering, Newtonian mechanics and physics. One of the leading mathematician in Pakistan, Hayat is an associate professor of post-graduate studies in mathematics at the Quaid-i-Azam University.[1] At Qau, he has supervised twenty-two M.Phil. students and a one PhD. student. He has published 456 research papers, mostly in the international journals mostly from USA., U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands.

    The astonishing thing that he has published in the infamous J. Huan journal (International journal of nonlinear science and numerical simulation) and also in choas and soltion.
    A title of one his paper which raises a red flag
    Homotopy perturbation method and axisymmetric flow over a stretching sheet

    We can dig for this guy, who seems unusual according to me.

  5. Oh, yeah, that's a red flag all right.

  6. Hah, I come here for the El Naschi-He-Rossler holy trinity of insanity, but I'm tickled to see you guys found Hayat too. He's well known in the community as a high-quality scammer. He publishes many useless and wrong papers. But they are on "ordinary" (though marginal) topics and he has a nice support network of editors and friendly referees that push the crap through. So, he typically flies under the radar of people outside of mechanics.

  7. The holy trinity, hehe, yes they are.