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Ji-Huan He's non-testimony

Why didn't E-infinity group member Ji-Huan He show up in Mrs. Sharp's court? As one of El Naschie's biggest sycophants he seems an obvious choice for the Great Man to use as a character witness.

My theory is that He is shell-shocked by the consequences of his association with El Naschie, and is quietly disassociating himself.

El Naschie Watch gave him much unwanted attention in the form of ridicule and wreaked havoc on his journal editorships. It is conceivable he got fired from Donghua University because of us.

We noted in Can't pull the wool over Fred's eyes that He wrote papers in 2008 and 2009 applying El Naschie's E-infinity theory to wool fiber. This is from the FQXi forum.

Fred wrote on Jan. 11, 2010 @ 10:33 GMT

For the great supporter of El Naschie (Ayman Abdulrahman), who is most probably El Naschie himself.

You can check yours self a typical paper for Huan using E-infinity theory, and I think a high school student can easily judge that this absolute trash.

Hierarchy of wool fibers and its interpretation using E-infinity theory
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 41 (2009)1839 –1841
Ji-Huan He, Zhong-Fu Ren, Jie Fan, Lan Xu


Why do wool fibers show excellent advantages in warmth-retaining and many other practical properties? The paper concludes that their hierarchical structure is the key. Using E-infinity theory, its Hausdorff dimension is estimated to be about 4.2325, very close to El Naschie’s E-infinity dimension, 4.2360, revealing an optimal structure for wool fibers.

Then the same article again with little modifications

Hierarchy of Wool Fibers and Fractal Dimensions
International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation,9(3),293-296, 2008


Wool fiber shows excellent advantages in warmth-retaining and many other practical properties possibly due to its hierarchical structure. Its fractal dimension of wool fiber is calculated which is very close to the Golden Mean, 1.618. The present study might provide a new interpretation for the reason why wool fiber has so many excellent properties.

I think every reader (even a naive one) can notice the conflict between the two abstracts, in the first fibre wool has dimension 4.2325 (which is greater than the embedding space) and in the second it is 1.618. I hope El Naschie can explain these remarkable results.

In 2006 and 2007, Ji-Huan He's associates at Donghua University, Jing Gao and Weidong Yu, coauthored similar papers attributing properties of goose down to El Naschie's E-infinity theory, heavily citing He and El Naschie.

A Fractal Approach to Goose Down Structure (PDF), International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, 7(1) 113-116, 2006

Golden Mean and Fractal Dimension of Goose Down (PDF), International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation. 8(1) 113-116, 2007

Naturally these were published in Ji-Huan He's execrable IJNSNS which was a co-conspirator with Chaos, Solitons and Fractals in the He-El Naschie citation scam.

Commenters on our post Egyptian-Chinese Journal of Crackpottery direct our attention to this brand-new Ji-Huan He paper on polar bear hair:

He, Ji-Huan, et al.: Can Polar Bear Hairs Absorb Environmental Energy?
THERMAL SCIENCE, Year 2011, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 911-913

Polar Bear Hair

The following one, a sequel to appear in 2012, goes into technical detail:

Qing-Li Wang, Ji-Huan He and Zheng-Biao Li
Fractional Model for Heat Conduction in Polar Bear Hairs

Polar Bear Fractional Model

The eccentric and far-fetched use of fractional derivatives for this application is amusing, but what is most interesting is that the properties of polar bear hair, unlike the properties of goose down and wool, have nothing whatever to do with El Naschie's E-infinity theory! Neither of these newest papers cites or mentions the Great Man at all.

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