Monday, December 12, 2011

Video: El Naschie on ElBaradei and nukes

A brand new video uploaded yesterday by YouTube user miroo3838. It's fully 1:17:06 in length! Dr. Mohamed El Naschie with Khalid Sheikh Abdullah on 10 December 2011 talking about Mohamed ElBaradei and the nuclear issue in Egypt. It's in Arabic only, no subtitles, so Arabic speakers please tell us anything interesting that he says. Does he mention El Naschie v Nature?

This is the great man's first post-trial public appearance in Egypt.

There's a download page for the video here and a page with it embedded here.

El Naschie and the host also mention Nobel laureate chemist Ahmed Zewail, whom El Naschie, ludicrously, is sueing for plagiarism, or stealing his ideas, or something like that.

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