Thursday, December 15, 2011

Video: El Naschie returns to Aida Seoudy show

El Naschie last appeared on Good Day with Aida Seoudy around early June 2011. She must have thought he was a great guest, because she invited him back. Here he's talking about "the future of scientific research in Egypt". These videos are in Arabic without subtitles. They were uploaded by YouTube user NaharakSa3eed a few hours ago. Part one, above, is 13:52 in length. Part two, below, is 8:53.

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  1. Wow...The whole video is a 20 minutes of explicit, unusual, and extremely personal attack on Dr. Zewail and his science city project. This is really strange even for the great man himself.

    Also it seems that El Naschie has become aware of the consequences of his flawed affiliations. The interviewer introduces him as a professor of theoretical physics in Cambridge but corrects her saying that he left Cambridge for a while now and he's only affiliated with Alexandria and Frankfurt universities. When she asks him why did he leave Cambridge he tells her because he's over 70 now and then laughs.