Saturday, January 14, 2012

Abuzedgut on scale relativity, fractal spacetime, etc

On a forum for Arab engineers, someone called Abuzedgut has posted an incredibly long fringe-physics screed. El Naschie's name comes up only once, in a citation of a book he edited with Ilya Prigonine and Otto Rössler, but E-infinity group members Garnet Ord and especially Laurent Nottale are mentioned often. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Abuzedgut apparently is a fan of Nottale's theory of scale relativity. His profile says he's a physics researcher and a professor of mathematics, but no institutional affiliation is given. Original Arabic, Google's English.

The post, which appeared only yesterday, is remarkable for its sheer size. You have to hit the Translate button several times to read the entire thing.

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