Friday, January 20, 2012

Beall's List

I was admiring the minimalist site redesign at University Ranking Watch and while clicking around I followed Richard's link to Jeffrey Beall's list of predatory journals, embedded below.

Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers 2012

The very first entry is as follows:

Academic Journals

This bogus, Nigeria-based publisher has been around for years, and continues to increase its journal fleet of over one hundred titles from all areas of study. Seeking legitimacy, it falsely associates itself with authentic organizations and conferences.

This rang a bell with me. The African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research (AJMCSR) is in the Academic Journals stable. That's the journal Otto Rössler has chosen to publish his Telemach paper. Otto's critics in that long Lifeboat thread have been casting doubt on the journal's quality, and Otto, true to form, vaguely insinuates that the critics are racist.

The fear on the part of the German establishment of the truth is palpable in the above anonymous assaults on a whole journal and a whole continent.

I apologize for this behavior in the name of Europe if I may.

says the black-hole doomsayer.

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  1. Good find! I linked it in a couple of discussion threads on Lifeboat, let's see how long it takes before Rossler deletes it (as you know, he doesn't like ENW... ;-)

  2. Thank you for doing that, because he won't let me. I see it's still up in a couple of threads at this moment.