Thursday, January 12, 2012

El Naschie: Osama bin Laden's killing was faked

Video with English subtitles!

This video snippet of length 3:37 was uploaded today by MEMRITVVideos. That's the YouTube account of MEMRI - The Middle East Media Research Institute, which has been criticized for consistently seeking out clips that portray the Muslim world in the worst possible light. That's a valid criticism, but as far as I know their translations are correct, which is what we care about in the context of the present video. Readers should feel free to point out any inaccuracy.

We have seen this clip before as part of the much longer Video: El Naschie on ElBaradei and nukes which unfortunately lacks subtitles. El Naschie also has phoned in to this presenter's show. They must get along. See El Naschie phones Alnas TV show.

Subtitled El Naschie videos are a rare treat around here. Two others are El Naschie reviles his British hosts and the Elbeet Beetak interview.

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