Friday, January 20, 2012

El Naschie's brothers in the news

Here are two newsbites about the great man's siblings, just to tide us over until Mrs. Justice Sharp bestirs herself to decide whether Nature's criticism of him was libelous.

On the Egyptian Labor Party website, Said Elnashaie writes an open letter to Nobel laureate chemist Ahmed Zewail, criticizing him for association with Obama, the CIA, and Zionists. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie's brother Said is well-known for his outspoken anti-Western views. Mohamed and Said don't get along, but neither of them likes Zewail, whom Mohamed, comically, is sueing for stealing his ideas about time.

Several Jordanian newspapers report that Amr Elnashai gave a talk about the constuction of earthquake-resistant buildings at the 5th Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference, 17-19 January 2012, at the five-star Landmark Hotel in Amman. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie's brother Amr defends Mohamed in online forums, writing under the pseudonym Scorpion300. When I tried to correct the nonsense about Mohamed in the Arabic Wikipedia, Amr undid my work. Here's his CV on Scribd.

Amr and Mohamed have a family feud against Said, whom they accuse, along with Said's wife Shadia Al-Shishini, of trying to steal their late mother's inheritance through forgery. Said calls the charges fraudulent, and says he has been completely vindicated in the courts.

You can search El Naschie Watch for posts about Said Elnashaie or Amr Elnashai. (The three brothers have chosen different spellings for their surname, which, in the Arabic orthography, is usually النشائي, or occasionally النشائى.)

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  1. I guess Amr is not a fraud, like Mohamed, and his PhD thesis at Imperial does exist:

    Search for shelfmark 281914 here:

    (Well, someone has to verify in person if the copy is there, but Mohamed's thesis doesn't even show in their catalog...)

  2. System number 008476453
    Cataloguing level Minimal record
    Author - personal Elnashai, A. S. (Amr S.)
    Title Nonlinear analysis of composite tubular joints. [electronic resource].
    Publisher/year University of London, 1984.
    Dissertation Thesis (Ph.D.)
    System details Mode of access: World Wide Web.
    Subject Fasteners
    Structural engineering
    Offshore structures
    Subject Offshore structures
    Couplings & fittings & fasteners & joints
    Structural engineering
    Marine engineering & offshore engineering
    Reproduction note Rights status not evaluated. For general information see "Terms and Conditions of Use..." 281914
    Holdings (All) Details
    Dewey class. no. 621.88 22
    621.825 22
    624.1 22
    623.8 22
    627.98 22

  3. I think if Said and Amr (the great man's brothers) are no fraud. They are at least dishonest and dishonorable people. Especially Amr Elnaschie who is highly evaluating El naschie (the great man) and considering him as one of the great thinker and scientists. Amr Elnaschie considered his brother as a man of a great achievement in physics and math. If Amer Elnaschie really thinks in that way, this means Amer El naschie doesn't know physics nor math.
    I really wonder how this man could have academic positions in England and USA.

    Please remember that Amr and Said coauthored papers with the great man.

  4. That's all true, Zahy. But Amr at least has an actual faculty position. Mohamed appears never to have had one. Said used to have a couple of faculty positions but does no longer.

  5. Amr's website gives only one publication with Mohamed. It was published a long time ago, probably before Mohamed decided that numerology was his ticket to stardom. It appeared in the AIAA Journal, which has a good reputation. So, unless there are other publications that his website is concealing, that's all legitimate.