Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gola Dem on Nelson Tansu and Ji-Huan He

Self citation expert: Ji-Huan He and Nelson Tansu will be of obvious interest to readers of El Naschie Watch, but it also leads to a trove of material that, although it's not specifically about the Brotherhood, has the same sort of appeal. You are sure to like it. Thanks to Shrink for this lead.

Gola Dem, author of the SelfCitation blog, ridicules electrical engineering professor Nelson Tansu mercilessly, much as we do the E-infinity group.

Nelson Tansu Vs. Kim Jong Un notes that Tansu and the new North Korean dictator both have "funky cepak hairstyles".

Gola Dem doesn't just do personal insults, he also does his homework:

How to Increase Your Paper Citation and H Index

Unauthorized Biography of Nelson Tansu calls Tansu a BS artist, an idiot, and compares him unfavorably to various young women, porn stars, and transsexuals. There's so much funny stuff it's hard to choose excerpts.

Unauthorized Biography of Nelson Tansu

This from page 62:

He said he is a genius, the same as Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, and nobel prize winner... Indonesian Einstein...

The resemblance to Egypt's Einstein Mohamed El Naschie is uncanny.

Page 91:

The Indonesia media think Tansu is super genius and treat him like a god.

Page 109:

Just boasting that he is important in nanotechnology. But all is just crap.

Nelson Tansu -- the Indonesian El Naschie.

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  1. It is easy to exclude self-citations when computing metrics on Web of Knowledge. That's a rather ridiculous blog given how many other people like Nelson Tansu you will find at every university. Sounds like a personal problem.

  2. It could be a matter of personal enmity, but that was said about me and El Naschie, and I have never met him or any E-infinity group member.

  3. I don't know, that really is a bizarre blog. The posts are really repetitive. They are also full of non sequiturs and random celebrity gossip, plus the other blog that keeps getting linked in the posts seems to be some kind of soft porn site. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    The sheer number of posts does kind of make me wonder if there's some real grounds behind this (otherwise, who would bother to spend the time?). But on the surface, this Tansu guy is at the very least a tenured professor at a reputable school. His CV is padded with crappy conference proceedings, but that by itself isn't really wrongdoing. Neither is publishing conference versions of a journal paper -- people do that all the time in some areas of applied math, mostly because it can take years for the full journal paper to be published.

    I think the major issue with El Naschie and Ji-Huan He was that they published numerological bullshit in fake journals that were deliberately created for only that purpose. This guy's journal papers seem to be (again, on the surface) published in reputable or at least legitimate journals. At least, I read several pages of posts on the blog, but I didn't see any criticisms of the journals. It was mostly just repeating the claim that he cites himself too much, which isn't classy, but again, I just don't see that as being in the same league as Ji-Huan He.

  4. I agree. It was probably unfair of me to call him an Indonesian El Naschie. But the blog and the biography are entertaining at least.

    Off-topic, the comments are all in italics suddenly for some reason. I don't want that. What the hell is Blogger up to?!

  5. I enjoy visiting this blog for its entertainment value, but Jason you'll need to be more selective about the quality of blogs or sites you promote on your entertaining blog. This Gola Dem blog is inane, although the blogger may have some point about self-citation, it is mostly a lot of incoherent rambling and it's apparent that the blogger lacks academic training and has a rather substandard command of English. Also, it seems that s/he is another Indonesian who may have a grudge or is envious of this Tansu fellow. Why? Well, I was curious of this term 'cepak hairstyle' as it's certainly not English and I'd never heard of it before. Googling 'cepak hairstyle' brings up a host of Indonesian language websites and from what I gather it probably refers to the military haircut sported by Tansu and Kim Jong-Un. This Gola Dem fellow also has an page that appears to serve no other purpose than to demonize Tansu. S/he really needs to get a life.

  6. I don't mean to promote Gola Dem in the sense of endorsing him, I just thought he was funny. Possibly he is being unfair to Nelson Tansu, bearing a grudge for hidden reasons. Apologies to Nelson in that case.

  7. Check out the latest funny post from Gola Dem: Tansu Style (following Gangnam Style). What will be El Naschie style?