Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaan Öztürk on Impact Factor manipulation

We last wrote about Öztürk in Kaan Öztürk on M.S. El Naschie and J.-H. He. Today he has an excellent and detailed new post, this one also devoting attention to Mohamed El Naschie and Ji-Huan He. El Naschie Watch and Arnold and Fowler's Nefarious Numbers are cited.

Read the original Turkish Akademik yayın dalavereleri: Sayılar nasıl şişirilir? or Google's English translation Academic publishing intrigue: how inflated numbers?

Öztürk concludes by noting with wry amusement that Ji-Huan He's h-index is 39, beating the estimated average of 35 for Nobel laureates.

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