Sunday, January 15, 2012

The latest from Otto Rössler

I haven't been following his Lifeboat Foundation blather lately because some of his posts have been boring and because he doesn't let me comment over there. However, in the following list I have indicated how many comments were received by each of his posts since the last batch, which may serve as a measure of their interest. The liveliest threads are indicated with green text.

That's remarkable performance on the three most recent, because they haven't had much time to gather comments.

Feel free to point out notable exchanges. I am posting this without commentary or analysis because I haven't read the threads yet.

UPDATE: From the comments below, here are the Gary Michael Church posts beating up on Otto.

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  1. What is this "African Journal of Mathematics" he refers to in his January 13 post? Is it this?

    Also, there's a trick to seeing all the comments on Lifeboat, but I forget how it works. Only a few are visible and paging is broken.

  2. Amazing how he resorts to calls for a personal phone call (don't do it, Hansel!!! he's dangerous!) and name calling on the frequent occasions when someone yet again gives him the "disproof" he keeps ostensibly asking for.

    How transparent can he get...?

  3. Rossler is nothing but a lonely chicken, crossing a country road -- in other words, a joke. Not a funny one, either. He should admit defeat, go home, and stop picking his nose.

  4. You page through the long threads by appending /comment-page-1#comments, /comment-page-2#comments, etc. to the page URL.

  5. In his comments below "Africa stands behind the planet", Rössler now reveals which journal he means...

    Furthermore, has now two more postings:

    the first one seems to put some light on Rössler's true motivations. He campaignes against scientists since in his opinion they did not protest enough when the government confiscated the summer residence of him and his wife as a consequence of Reimara stopping her teaching at the university. Furthermore, Rössler simply may be frustrated that those evil scientists mostly refuse to accept his vague and ill defined crackpot papers in their journals.

    At lifeboard, not all seem to like Otto. Here is a posting of another board member who wants Otto to get away:

  6. Wow! Gary Michael Church really hates Otto. He has two anti-Otto posts:

    Television and Mad Otto – January 11, 2012 and the one you cited Attempto Absurdium; more of the babbling idiot – January 18, 2012.

    But this critic is a newcomer to Lifeboat. Rössler brings in traffic and that must count for something. I would not assume he'll be asked to leave just for being a crackpot.

    The journal that accepted his paper: African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research (AJMCSR). Hmm.

    I have added the links to Otto's two latest posts.

  7. actually, Gary has six anti otto posts:

  8. Nice. Those will make fun reading.

  9. The Ottogizer bunny...he keeps going and going and going...

    Lifeboat Foundation has a little screw under the right will open the battery case, and we can remove the batteries. If you have a small Phillips screwdriver, I can get it open, and take the batteries out.

    Otherwise, nothing outlasts the Ottogizer.

  10. Pinky, the gothic mouseJanuary 21, 2012 at 11:41 AM


    Rösslers “mentor"/"friend" "Konrad Lorenz” was a supporter of Nazi-fascism and a bloody racist. He wrote in 1940: “The racial idea as the basis of our political system has already infinitely done much in this direction.” With “this direction” he meant the eradication of what he thought are “asocial cells” and “ethical inferior”. Even in writings of the 70s he repeated this ideology. Rössler is proud of him and tries to use his “authority”? Disgusting!

    For more quotations and references see (in German language, but quite detailed):

    Pinky, the gothic mouse

  11. Otto Has a new Post at lifeboard:

    In fact, Otto wonders why Kim Jong Il and Saddam Hussein have not thanked him for him sending his work to them....

  12. Otto has now another post where he tells about what he teaches at the University Tübingen:

    Apparently black hole theory:

    Otto begins:

    "What Dieter Fröhlich discovered in yesterday’s chaos course at the University of Tübingen started out from the fact that every rotating black hole..."

    end ends with

    "The obtained “anchored rotating Reeb foliation” (anchored everywhere on the horizon) represents a new differential-topological prototype, embraced by nature".

  13. For the next summer semester there are again the usual Rössler-lectures in the university calendar:|43097|39262|43083&P.vx=kurz

  14. They even allow him to teach about his obscure "endophysics" program at Tübingen....

    He also has a new post at lifeboard, asking president Obama on his blackhole theory:

  15. There is now some weird stuff in the comment section. Apparently Rössler has answered to some spam comments with publishing the IP-adresses. The spam comments are gone now, but the replies arestill there. including the IP

    Little Rössler does not want a single of his precious postings to become deleted . :D

  16. Did you happen to see the spam before it was deleted? I wonder whether it was real spam, or just hostile to Otto or to Lifeboat.

  17. You know...wouldn't Telemach's charge neutralization in gravitational fields allow one of a pair of charged virtual particles that pop up near a black hole to lose its charge, leading to the emission of its pair? In other words, wouldn't Telemach, if it was true, actually enhance Hawking Radiation, not suppress it?

    The Easter Bunny

  18. @Jason:

    The first post that got deleted was signed with the name of Barack Obama. He just answered Rössler's question with: "Yes it is". The second deleted post was signed with the name of Kim Yong Un who ansewered: "No it isn't. We will kill them all. Thanks for your message"