Thursday, January 5, 2012

Luboš Motl says Smolin, Woit abandon Lisi

El Naschie Watchers may remember that E8 theory-of-everything guy Garrett Lisi became so exasperated by El Naschie sockpuppets on FQXi that he persuaded the administrator to banish them to their own thread, FQXi-395, which is archived on El Naschie Watch in two parts, 1 and 2.

Luboš Motl, the string theorist who regards Lee Smolin, Peter Woit and Lisi all as crackpots, reports that Smolin and Woit are "throwing Lisi under the bus". Luboš avers that they promoted Lisi when his media-darling status was helpful to them, but now that the failure of Lisi's theory is widely known, they see him as a liability.

The immorality of these people knows no limits... These people are worthless stinky piles of garbage, scientifically as well as morally...

he says of Smolin and Woit.

Posts about Luboš Motl and about Garrett Lisi:

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  1. Would it help add relevance if I were to state that I find ENW highly amusing?

  2. haha. yes, Garrett. :) Thank you.