Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over zero

This made me laugh. Click pic for larger.

El Naschie's various sockpuppet websites are plummeting in the Google rankings for "El Naschie". There was a long period of time when El Naschie Watch diced for first place with Today that has fallen to third place. El Naschie Watch is first, and Rational Wiki's critical article, which El Naschie tried to squelch, is second. (Rankings differ depending on locale, so your regional results may differ.) If only someone would write an English Wikipedia article about him, we could have a trifecta.

El Naschie's sockpuppet websites, from our Links page:

Mohamed, you should make an effort to update these sites from time to time. Google does not like cobweb-sites, not one little bit. Even small occasional updates will reward you with improved rankings. You're welcome.

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