Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TWMSJAEM to dump Ji-Huan He imminently

In fact for all practical purposes he is fired already.

That took about an hour and fifteen minutes from the moment we hit "Send", perhaps a new record.

Prof. Sabri Arik, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Isik University in Istanbul promises to instruct Editor-in-Chief Elman Hasanoglu to remove Ji-Huan He from the Editorial Board.

The master list has been updated to reflect the firing. TWMSJAEM is number 66.

UPDATE: Finis. Ji-Huan He's name has been removed. http://jaem.isikun.edu.tr/#editorial_board

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  1. An interesting post about He and another self-citing guy(the blog is now defunct):


  2. The comment above is mine.

  3. Shrink, that's a great find. I have followed that lead and found some hilarious stuff. Will do a post.